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The News Minute| December 26, 2014| 4.58 pm IST Former Supreme Court Judge and Chairman of Press Council of India Markandey Katju is creating quite a buzz on Facebook these days. Justice Katju posts his thoughts on his Facebook page and blog on a daily basis. Sometimes it's about the Hijab, or his disappointment with the government and even his thoughts on why Vajpayee and Malaviya do not deserve the Bharat Ratna. On Friday, Justice Katju put up a status that many of his followers believe has exposed him as a homophobic.  So this is what part of the status titled Gay Relationships and Gay Marriages said:   Nowadays many so called ' modern ' people are demanding legalizing gay relationships and gay marriages in India. Some people have asked for my opinion about the issue, so I am expressing it. In his play ' Man and Superman ', the Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw expresses his idea of what he calls as ' The Life Force '. According to Bernard Shaw, there is a powerful law of nature among all living creatures, that while the individuals will one day die, the species must continue. Thus, the human species must continue, while the individual human beings will die. This law of nature creates The Life Force, which can be stated as the driving force which ensures that life continues on earth. This Life Force creates a powerful urge in humans to reproduce, and the main role in this is that of the woman. It is she who has to conceive the child, keep the child in her womb for nine months, give birth to the child, then rear the child for several years. He concludes- "Nowadays there is a lot of talk of gay relationships and gay marriages. To my mind it is all humbug.and nonsense. Will a gay relationship or gay marriage serve nature's requirement of continuing the species ? No, it is only sex between a man and a woman which will give birth to a child, not sex between a man and a man, or between a woman and a woman." Reactions are pouring in for Katju's post, but these few reactions have set the tone:  Saishankar Rajeev: Are you also against old people marrying? And against infertile people marrying? Derrick Vijayan: By the same logic people who cannot reproduce should not marry since it does not serve " nature's requirement of continuing the species "! Ganesh Veluswami: And sir, please remember... you don't need to be a gay to support gay rights just the same way that one doesn't need to be a woman to support women's rights or a child to support children's rights or a (non human) animal to support animal rights! Ultimately, it's basic human rights! Faraz Salat: You've reduced relationship to mere sexual encounter for the purpose of bearing child. Hari Om Surabhi Pandey: Wow. And you are a 'retired' judge!! Thank god for that. Tweet Follow @thenewsminute Read- I abuse women, I feel powerful: Confessions of abusive Indian trolls
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