They had been refuting ‘rumours’ about a crumbling relationship for four months

Just ten months into his second marriage Imran Khan calls it quits and files for divorceImage: Imran Khan and Reham Khan by India TV/ Youtube
news Friday, October 30, 2015 - 15:51

Former cricketer and Chairman of Pakistan’s political party Tehreek-i-Insaaf, Imran Khan and his wife, former television journalist Reham Khan, have sought to end their 10 month-old marriage on Friday. The couple filed for a divorce with mutual consent, PTI spokesperson Naeemul Haq told Dawn.

The couple had been refuting ‘rumours’ abut a crumbling relationship, which started six months after their marriage.

Last month, Imran had tweeted, "I am shocked at a TV channel making slanderous statement about my marriage. I strongly urge the media to desist from such baseless statements."

A close associate to the chairman who did not wish to be named told that they were “just not getting along” because "she wanted to get involved with politics and that is not what Khan wanted at all. She just did not want to sit at home," he said.

There were attacks on Reham Khan in August after PTI’s defeat in NA-19 (Haripur) by-polls. Imran Khan then announced that Reham would not be playing an active part in party affairs.

Another source said that there was a “lot of pressure on Khan” from his family to divorce Reham. He also told that Imran’s sister, Aleema Khan, too was never happy with the marriage and was open about it.

 Although their marriage in January 2015 was a low-key affair, news channels were abuzz with newsbreaks about the ceremony and keeping the entire country and its neighbours hooked to the wedding.