The boy in his statement told police that Jolly used to discriminate against him and that he used to live in the house like a stranger.

Jolly used to harm me Teenage son of Shaju and Cily gives statement to police
news Crime Monday, October 21, 2019 - 10:52

In yet another development in the sensational Koodathayi serial murders alleged to have been carried out by Jolly Amma Joseph, the teenage son of her present husband Shaju gave a statement against Jolly to the police. The boy, studying in class 10, told the police that Jolly used to harm him and discriminate against him. He added that he used to live in the house like a stranger, reports Manorama News.

The officials investigating the Koodathayi serial murders had recently registered the arrest of Jolly in the death of the teenager's mother Cily. It is now alleged that Cily was poisoned. Shaju and Jolly got married just a year after Cily’s death.

According to multiple reports, the boy also stated to police that he had seen Jolly giving water taken from her bag to his mother Cily just before she died. He also stated that he saw Jolly passing on bread to feed the two-year-old Alphine, Cily and Shaju’s daughter, after which she also fell ill and died.

In another development, police also reportedly found that the SIM card of Roy Thomas, Jolly’s first husband whom she allegedly murdered, was being used by Jolly’s friend Johnson after his death.

47-year-old Jolly is believed to be responsible for the deaths of six people in her family. So far, she has been accused and arrest has been registered for the alleged murders of Roy Thomas, Jolly’s first husband, and Cily, her present husband Shaju’s wife.

Roy’s father Tom Thomas, his mother Annamma, his maternal uncle Mathew Manjadiyil and Cily’s and Shaju’s daughter Alphine were also found dead under mysterious circumstances.

Jolly, along with jewellery store owner Mathew and goldsmith Praji Kumar, have so far been arrested in the case, which was reopened for investigation. 

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