A team of four AIIMS doctors is on its way to Chennai after Jayalalithaa suffered a cardiac arrest on Sunday evening.

Jayalalithaas treatment AIIMS dispatches a team of doctors to Chennai PTI photo
news Jayalalithaa's health Monday, December 05, 2016 - 11:56

A team of specialists from All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi, was dispatched to Chennai on Monday after Tamil Nadu Chief Minister suffered a cardiac arrest on Sunday evening. 

Union Health Minister JP Nadda said that four specialists will arrive at Apollo Hospitals in Chennai to aid in the TN CM's recovery. 

Health Minister JP Nadda said that four specialists from AIIMS Hospital will soon be reaching Apollo Hospital. The four doctors include pulmonologist Dr GC Khilnani, anaesthetist Dr Anjan Trikha, cardiac surgeon Dr Sachin Talwar and cardiologist Dr Rajiv Narang.

“They (Apollo) had requested a team of doctors from AIIMS. We have sent a team of specialists from AIIMS: Dr Khilani, Dr Trikha, Dr Narang and Dr Talwar. We hope that doctors from AIIMS and Apollo will be able to help in her recovery. We pray to God that she regains her health," he told PTI.

Nadda also said that they were in constant touch with the TN state government and the hospital authorities in Chennai. A team of AIIMS doctors have been visiting Apollo regularly since Jayalalithaa was admitted on September 22 after fever and dehydration. 

The team included pulmonologist Dr GC Khilnani, anaesthetist Dr Anjan Trikha, cardiac surgeon Dr Sachin Talwar and cardiologist Dr Rajiv Narang.

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Jayalalithaa was shifted to the Critical Care Unit from the general ward on Sunday night after her health turned critical on Sunday night. She is currently receiving treatment through extra-corporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) whereby functions of the heart and brain are carried out with external assistance. 

The ECMO treatment entails drawing blood from large blood vessels in the patient’s body using a designated machine. The blood is then made to pass through an oxygenation valve to remove carbon dioxide. Oxygen is then added to the blood, which is then pumped back into the patient’s body.

So far, there has been no confirmation on angiogram and angioplasty procedures being conducted on the 68-year-old CM. Apollo hospital tweeted on Sunday night that they were closely monitoring Jayalalithaa’s health and doing their “very best”.

Earlier updates had suggested that Jayalalithaa was recovering – talking for a few minutes using a speaking valve and undergoing physiotherapy - and was free to leave the hospital when she wished to. 

Hundreds of AIADMK cadres, well-wishers and mediapersons have been camping outside Apollo hospital since Sunday evening, awaiting news about Jayalalithaa.

Wishes and prayers have poured in on social media as well. Various political dignitaries and other people have expressed their concern and are eagerly hoping that Jayalalithaa recovers soon. 

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