It’s not hero worship, it’s human worship: A Rajinikanth fan’s rebuttal to Ravikumar

In a piece for TNM, VCK’s Ravikumar had written that Rajinikanth’s entry is dangerous for Tamil politics.
It’s not hero worship, it’s human worship: A Rajinikanth fan’s rebuttal to Ravikumar
It’s not hero worship, it’s human worship: A Rajinikanth fan’s rebuttal to Ravikumar
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Rajinikanth is a self-made star and politician. He has entered politics with his own thought and god's blessings, no one is behind Thalaivar. He is not in the place to follow others’ orders.

Thalaivar’s political entry will help the growth of the people of Tamil Nadu. The true face of corrupt-minded people and caste-based politicians in Tamil Nadu will be exposed automatically with the Thalaivar way of administration.

Dear Ravikumar sir, in your statement you mentioned that after Rajinikanth’s political entry citizens will be turned into fans. This statement shows that you are not aware of the mind of Tamil Nadu people and you underestimate their mind.

The people of Tamil Nadu know who should be selected, that's why many caste parties have not been recognized. In Thalaivar's statement, he has clearly mentioned that he doesn't need devotee/ fan. He said that he needs a guard to protect the people of Tamil Nadu.

The thing which we do for our Thalaivar is not a hero worship, it's human worship because in this politics/world we can't find good people as leaders. Since our Thalaivar is a good person with the greatest leadership quality, we will be worshipping our Thalaivar, it doesn't create any harm to the nation.

You have quoted the father of the constitution BR Ambedkar’s statement, I just have a request for you - don't just follow the statement which fits you, just follow all the statements of BR Ambedkar.

Sir, I just want to share one information that the film Baba is a failure only at the box office, not in the fan’s heart. Even now, people watch the film when it is telecast. After Baba’s failure Rajinikanth said one statement at Chandramukhi function. I hope everyone remembers that. Rajinikanth then said, "I am not an elephant, I am a horse. Even if I fall down, I will stand up soon."

There is no BJP or any other political party behind Thalaivar’s political entry.

The reason why Thalaivar says spiritual politics is because spirituality gives you a pure mind and good thinking. Spirituality does not depend on any religion or caste.

Even some agnostics who follow Thanthai Periyar’s words with a pure mind are called spiritualists.

Early in 2017, Thalaivar Rajinikanth quoted Jesus as one of his spiritual gurus. Don't portray Thalaivar as a Hindu leader.

Yes, our Thalaivar said we should go to war, but it doesn't end with that. Our Thalaivar will do good for the people after he wins, he has a proper plan.

He doesn't stop with words (which other political parties do right now), he will convert his words into action.

As a politician you should have mentioned your ideas on social change, but you are saying Rajinikanth doesn't have ideas on social change. Our Thalaivar’s political party agenda will prove the people whether he has ideas on social change or not.

You said Rajinikanth’s political entry should be aggressively countered but unfortunately your party leader Thiru Thol Thirumavalavan has a different opinion on Thalaivar’s political entry. Make your party stand clear.

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