'It’s a BJP storm in Karnataka’: PM Modi’s final push ahead of polls

Prime Minister Narendra Modi kicked off his campaigning in Karnataka in Chamarajanagara, tearing into Congress President Rahul Gandhi and CM Siddaramaiah.
'It’s a BJP storm in Karnataka’: PM Modi’s final push ahead of polls
'It’s a BJP storm in Karnataka’: PM Modi’s final push ahead of polls
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In the final push ahead of the May 12 Assembly Elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said there is a BJP storm in Karnataka.

Speaking in Santhemarahalli in Chamarajanagara on Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, there is a ‘BJP storm’ and not a ‘BJP wave’ in Karnataka, Modi said, “We get news about Karnataka elections in Delhi and we get to hear that there is a BJP wave. But now I see a BJP storm, not wave. Your enthusiasm has exceeded expectations. The arrangements we made for today are not enough. People are standing in the sun outside and we assure you we will not waste your sacrifice.”

He began his 45-minute campaign speech in Karnataka calling state President and aspiring CM BS Yeddyurappa, the hope and ambition of the people of the state.

The PM went on to call April 28 as the nation’s Red Letter Day – when the remaining 18,000 villages across India were electrified. “We did this mission within the deadline but we won’t stop here. Now, we will get electricity to all homes, especially poor.”

Attacking the UPA government for failing to meet the electrification targets, Modi said, “In 2005, (UPA) government promised to get all villages electrified by 2009. Why didn’t you do it till 2014?”  

He also went on claim, “Let’s talk about Karnataka now. Here, in 2014, there were 39 villages which didn’t have electricity. Because of our programmes, they have electricity now. Congress covered 2 villages in 4 years before 2014.”

He went on to slam Congress President Rahul Gandhi for disrespecting the national song - Vande Mataram. Rahul Gandhi had at a rally in Bantwal signalled to Congress leader KC Venugopal to wrap up the proceedings. A person then informed the singer to cut short the national song, thereby disrespecting Vande Mataram.   

“Congress leaders do not know about national history, don’t respect Vande Mataram,” hit out PM Modi. 

Taking on Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, PM Modi accused the Congress of following the “2+1 formula in Karnataka” – a dig at the dynastic politics of the ruling party in the state.  He took a dig at Siddaramaiah for choosing to vacate his Varuna seat for his son Yathindra, while contesting at two places – Chamundeshwari and Badami.

“This is the political innovation of the CM, who is generally sleeping. The CM is running away from constituencies fearing defeat. Now he is standing in 2 seats and is now asking his son to fight from the seat where his own defeat was certain. He wants to win at least 1 seat out of 3 so that family tradition continues,” Modi lashed out.

Stating that dynastic politics has destroyed the nation and democracy, Modi went on to accuse the Siddaramaiah government of corruption, stating, “It is the reason for destruction of Karnataka politics. The state government, its ministers and their followers are all complicit in some corruption cases. The people of Karnataka know that the 10% commission has destroyed the democracy.”

He added, “Wherever there is Congress, crime, corruption and dynastic politics are there and development goes for a toss. The same happened in Karnataka. There is no water in this region, no employment.”

Referencing the attack on Karnataka Lokayukta P Vishwanath in March, the PM said, “Lokayukta is not safe, how will people be safe.”

Wooing the farming community in the state, the Prime Minister said that the BJP-led Centre has pledged to double the income of farmers by 2022.

Urging the people of Karnataka to vote for development, he concluded his rally stating, “Vote for development so that people get small things that they have been fighting for since Independence. Help us, Delhi will help you.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is addressing 15 rallies in a span of a week. This is, however, the only rally where Modi will be sharing a stage with state President and CM aspirant BS Yeddyurappa.

Addressing the gathering earlier, Yeddyurappa slammed Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and the Congress manifesto for promising to give more power to the Lokayukta. “Siddaramaiah, you say now that you will bring back the Lokayukta if you are re-elected. What were you doing these past five years? Grazing donkeys?" Yeddyurappa lashed out against Siddaramaiah.

He also hit out at Siddaramaiah for calling BJP’s star campaigners – the PM and Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath as outsiders. “Siddaramaiah says that UP CM Yogi Adityanath is an outsider and that PM Narendra Modi is an outsider. Then is Rahul Gandhi his nephew? Is Sonia Gandhi his sister-in-law?" asked Yeddyurappa.

Modi will also be addressing another rally at Udupi and Chokkodi in Belagavi on Tuesday.

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