In an interview with ScoopWhoop, Rana Daggubati said that he was amazed by how dumb Indians are about other states in their own country.

Irritated with southwala films stereotype Watch Rana Daggubati slay it
Flix Cinema Saturday, June 22, 2019 - 12:34

While the four major film industries in the south make several critically acclaimed films, many of which also get remade in Hindi, there is still a certain condescension among those from the north of the Vindhyas about "southwala films". Those who don't know any better, that is.

For many, the first south Indian film they watched was Baahubali, after it became a pan-Indian phenomenon. In an interview with ScoopWhoop, actor Rana Daggubati who played the antagonist in the Baahubali films, eloquently slayed the perception that south Indian films cannot appeal beyond their geography.

The anchor begins the interview by talking about how Roja, a Tamil film, was the first south Indian film she'd watched when she was just a year old and that she'd had a very stereotypical view of south Indian films until she was forced to watch Baahubali. She then asks Rana if the Baahubali films had changed how the rest of India views south Indian movies.

To this, Rana responded that the Baahubali films captured the essence of what India is, and that films like Star Wars and The Avengers had managed to capture the imagination of people world-over irrespective of who had made the films.

Later in the interview, the anchor points out that Rana has worked in different industries in India and asks if he saw any differences among them. To this, Rana says, "I was just amazed by how dumb Indians are about the other state. No industry is different from one another. Ultimately, it is a camera, it is a story, it is a bunch of actors. You put it here, it is the same format, right? I could speak in Telugu, it becomes a Telugu film. If we speak in English, it becomes an English film. And that's exactly what happens. Correct? Everywhere in the world. But we in our heads have made this is an industry, that is an industry. This is a Telugu industry. What does it make? Films. This is a Tamil industry. What does it make? Films. How different is it? And the guys who are crossing over are completely crossing over. Rajinikanth is making films in all languages. They are dubbing in all languages. Avengers is dubbed in all languages. Which means it's clear that there are actually no boundaries unless you make them."

Rana went on to add that the only real difference he felt was that it was more cost-effective to make films in the south.

Watch his response here:

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