If this doesn't inspire you, nothing will.

Invisible Wings The moving documentary on the tea-shop couple who traveled to 17 countries
Flix Friday, October 16, 2015 - 16:16

Ever wondered what would happen if you jumped off a cliff with your heart as a compass and your mind as your wings? Fantasy and fable or well worth a try?

Who says dreams don’t come true? Luck is the opportunity you are ready for.

Ask Vijayan, the tea-seller from Ernakulam in Kerala who with his wife Mohana has visited 17 countries, the last one being their dream destination – America.

Vijayan has been selling tea and small food items for 40 years in his tea shop. As soon as he had enough money, he would approach banks for a loan, travel to a new country and repay the loan over two or three years.

Then he hit a roadblock, the inevitable passing of time and age and banks were no longer willing to lend him the money. So we at The News Minute raised money for the couple (with a very generous donation from Bollywood star Anupam Kher) to see America.

Read our story here.

Our story went viral and banks, which earlier refused to give them loans, changed their mind.

The documentary by thirty-year-old Hari M Mohanan tells us what inspires the couple.

“I met them in October 2013. Most of us complain about not having enough money and time, but here was a couple who had seen the world,” he says.

The director says he wants to explore the greater philosophy behind what inspired someone like Vijayan.

“I wanted to explore that element and do a film. I want people to see the film and evoke their dreams and inspire them to achieve it. I also want to dub the film to regional languages in India and show it in villages so that the people outside the world of internet also watch it,” he added.

Now Vijayan and Mohana are planning to go to Russia. The peripatetic tea-seller is also a man of deep thought and wisdom and his story has been captured in this video.

A still from the documentary

“People need to work hard, but not forget to chase their passion. Love your work, the work will pay you. But keep your passion alive,” Harimohanan says.

People tell Vijayan his travel bug is a crazy one, to which he says everyone has a craze and with will power and hard work, you can be truly crazy.

We agree.