The Department of Woman and Child Development has been running a campaign to spread pro-women and progressive messages online.

In a red and white background is a poster giving the Malayalam definition of the word Amma, two of which are struck out. There are logos of Kerala government and Woman and Child Development on either side.
news Gender Sunday, May 09, 2021 - 22:36

“Amma (the word) is a noun,” begins a Malayalam definition of the word, printed on a red and white digital poster. It has three definitions. Two of these read — "Snehathinte Nirakudam" (the epitome of love), “Kshamuyude paryayam, superwoman" (synonym of patience and superwoman). Right! 

These definitions, however, have been cut by a strikethrough. The only meaning that stands out —  uncut, boldly, almost gloatingly — is this line: "Mattullavare pole snehavum, sangadavum, deshyavum, ksheenavum, ellaamulloru saadarana sthree," translating to, “an ordinary woman like anyone else who experiences love, grief, anger and exhaustion.”

This beautiful message, simply demystifying the glorified definitions of a mother, was posted on Mother’s Day by the Department of Woman and Child Development (WCD) of the Kerala government. No surprise there. The WCD has been putting out admirable pro-women messages on its pages for the past few months. It had begun as a campaign called "Ini Illa Vittuveezcha" (No more compromise). Celebrities, singers and actors have all taken part in the campaign to spread positive progressive messages about women — boldly questioning the rules of patriarchy imposed on women to this day.

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Under the Mother's Day poster, it says, "Instead of giving them the weight of expectations, one must remember mothers are also ordinary human beings, and accept them for what they are." 

The WCD posted it with the caption, "We don't need expectations and prejudices of how a mother should be. We should accept that every mother has her individuality."

This definition of a mother got picked up widely, shared, loved and hailed. For some reason, there was little or no “tradition supporters” or “patriarchy soldiers” to fight it. The message is too simple and clear; it was in fact “bringing down” a superstar status of motherhood to that of an ordinary person. Who could call it arrogance of the modern woman?








By evening, Kerala’s Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, who had been at the forefront in the gender-equality and renaissance talks of the government during the Sabarimala mayhem of 2018, also shared a similar message on his social media accounts. “The self-sacrificing mother is a much-glorified image. Often, this restricts women's freedom and self-sufficiency. The Left stands for equality that transcends gender. On this mother's day, let us welcome our mothers outside the confines of our homes into a wide world.”


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