Intel teases 9th Gen core CPUs for gaming laptops at GDC, to be launched in Q2 2019

The new CPU models are expected to come with more power for gaming and content creation within standard laptop form factors.
Intel teases 9th Gen core CPUs for gaming laptops at GDC, to be launched in Q2 2019
Intel teases 9th Gen core CPUs for gaming laptops at GDC, to be launched in Q2 2019
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The Game Developers Conference in San Francisco is being used by the top tech companies to make some interesting announcements. If it was Google informing that it is launching a cloud-based gaming platform Stadia, now it is chipmaker Intel disclosing its plans to introduce its 9th Gen CPUs with special gaming laptops applications in focus. These will be the part of the same lineup of ‘Coffee Lake’ Core CPUs. But the company has not shared more details about this chipset. It was just a teaser.

What has been disclosed however, is that these new generation CPUs will offer more power so that game developers can build their gameplays accordingly. Similarly, the content creation will become a lot easier with these laptop CPUs, according to Intel. Gigabit-class Wi-Fi 6 and Intel Optane Memory will be supported in the new chipsets.

There have been leaks earlier on what to expect from the new generation CPUs to be unveiled by Intel in the coming months. In each of its categories in the 9th Gen CPUs, Core i9, Core i7 and Core i5, there will be new editions this year.

In terms of the key parameter in a chipset, the performance speed, the top one, the Core i9-9980HK model is being predicted to clock a speed of 5GHz. The lesser models will have speeds a few notches lower than this, 4.8, 4.6 and 4.5GHz. And at the lower end, the Core i5-9300H that will have four cores is likely to have a speed rating of 4.1GHz.  

It is expected that the architecture for building these new generation chipsets will be the same 14nm++ process technology.

In parallel, Intel is working on the Odyssey project under which a gaming CPU is likely to be launched next year and at the GDC, the company unveiled a new UI and the Intel Graphics Command Center. Developers are being let in on some of the tools for beta testing now.

A marketing campaign focused on the gaming sector again was also shared by Intel. Its being called the GameDev Boost programme and will feature a tagline ‘Runs great on Intel’. This is aimed at taking on rivals AMD and Nvidia in the gaming CPUs and getting the game developers community on to Intel’s side by providing them with a host of technological help.

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