More power to you, Jamie!

Instead of bouquet bride decides to throw a wig at wedding The reason will warm your heartScreenshots
Social Human interest Friday, May 26, 2017 - 17:45

To know that you have cancer is devastating, and in most cases, life-changing for anyone. What's harder is embracing your own body as it changes drastically because of the harsh chemotherapy treatments.

Here's Jamie Steinborn, who has been battling cervical cancer for 16 months now, at her wedding. As she wedded Jon Stephenson on May 12, Jamie did something amazing as women and bridesmaids queued behind her, expecting her to throw the bouquet towards them as per tradition. 

She threw something at them, except that it wasn't the bouquet, and we can only imagine how much courage it must have required of her. Check out the video:

Yep, she ditched the bouquet for her wig! And then she turns back, bald and unashamed at her friends to see who had caught it.

Speaking to Allison Yee for Yahoo Lifestyle, Jamie said that this was a "once in a lifetime opportunity" for her to show that she would be okay, no matter what life threw at her. 

"Yes, it was my wedding day and yes, I wore a wig, but I feel just as blessed and beautiful, bald headed," she said. 

And while it appears that Jamie was completely sure about throwing her wig, she was still undecided on the morning of the wedding. But she finally made up her mind when a friend joked about it.

"Counting down I was nervous, but when I said 'three' I went for it," Jamie said. She added that while cancer "is not funny at all" she does try to find humour in her situation. She also hopes that her optimism will help others battling cancer. 

Jamie was diagnosed with cancer in January 2016, which coincidentally led her to meeting Jon too. In order to raise money for the radiation therapy, Jamie had a yard sale next month, where she ended up meeting her future husband.

While Jamie thought she was in remission, the cancer returned at the end of 2016, leading her to begin chemotherapy again in early 2017.

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