An ad campaign launched by Aster Medcity hospital in Kochi is going viral on social media.

From innovative ads to quirky wedding banners how the Kerala polls have become the butt of jokes
news Kerala2016 Thursday, May 05, 2016 - 15:44

With just a few days left for the assembly polls, Kerala is witnessing intense political campaigning with candidates going all out to woo the electorate. Meanwhile, an online ad campaign as well as wedding banners mocking the elections are giving voters enough reason to have a laugh.  

An ad campaign launched by Aster Medcity hospital in Kochi is going viral on social media. The hospital has come up with huge billboards across the city that make fun of the lofty election promises made by politicians. 

Talking to The News Minute, CEO of Aster Medcity Dr Harish Pillai said, “We knew that the public would love it but we never expected such an overwhelming response. Staff from other national healthcare brands like Apollo, Narayana and so on wrote to us congratulating us on this timely campaign, as did a host of others, including politicians.”

Adding to this, he said, “the fact that we connected something topical to Gastroenterology in a very interesting way ensured that we got the message across in a more than interesting manner.”

Many wedding banners, mocking the election slogans of all three parties-LDF, UDF and BJP- have also been surfacing across the state. Terming it as “election time creativity”, one of these banners was shared on social media by V T Balram, a UDF candidate from the Thrithala constituency.

Instead of LDF’s “LDF will come and set everything right”, the banner says that” Ranisha (bride) will come and set everything right.” The BJP’s slogan, “Kerala at its road’s end, BJP to show the way,” has been changed to “Nishad (Groom) is at the road end, Ranisha to show the way.” UDF’s election slogan- “Kerala should grow. The governance should continue” has been replaced with “This marriage should grow. The friendship should continue.”

It doesn’t end here. A father-son duo’s dubsmash-of-sorts has been going viral as well. While mimicking a popular film dialogue, the father is seen as telling his son that the LDF will come and set everything right. The cheeky son soon asks his father if the LDF will repair his broken cycle as well.

Whether or not politicians are enjoying the election season, the voters are surely having fun.


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