While characters appear and disappear for no reason, the plot stumbles along like an impromptu chain story made up one line at a time.

Indrajith review This adventure will have the audience searching for the plotFacebook/Indrajith
Flix Film Review Friday, November 24, 2017 - 18:18

A long time ago, a spark from the sun collided with an asteroid and dropped down to earth as a strange and mystical artefact with miraculous healing powers. After centuries of searching, an archaeologist and his students are finally on the verge of finding this unique treasure. But there are black market villains, militants and more standing in their way.

That sounds like a cracker of a plot for an action adventure, doesn’t it? But if that plotline is drawing you to the theatres to watch the Gautham Karthik-starrer Indrajith, a word of advice. You’re probably better off staying home and imagining the movie in your head than watching it play out on screen.

So, you have Indrajith, who’s just a happy-go-lucky young man who’s always ready to go with the flow. How do we know he’s so happy-go-lucky? Because he not only spies on his neighbour as she gets dressed after a bath, but also sings a whole song about it, making references to cats and cream and alcoholics and liquor stores to justify himself.

Somehow, Indrajith gets drawn into the search for the mystical artefact. And though he has no archaeological skills or knowledge of any kind, the adventure soon becomes all about him. That’s probably because the group of archaeologists he’s with can’t seem to figure out even the simplest of clues handed out to them in plain writing.

Anyway, the grand archaeological puzzle, which should probably be rated ‘ages 6 and up’, leads them to the faraway forests of Arunachal Pradesh. Once there, Indrajith shoots down rocket propelled grenades with a flare gun, saves badly designed CGI dogs from machine gun fire, and swings through the forest on vines like Tarzan.

Director Kalaa Prabhu clearly seems to have struggled to weave this movie together. Characters appear and disappear with no rhyme or reason, while the plot stumbles along like a chain story made up one line at a time.  

The acting is not really worth saying much about either. While Gautham Karthik tries too hard to give off an air of nonchalant awesomeness, Sachin Khedekar plays the lead archaeologist with excessive crankiness. And Sudanshu Pandey’s baddie just doesn’t excite.

The film also doesn’t do justice to the exotic locations it travels through. While the songs themselves are hummable and strike a chord or two, the background music is excessive at times. 

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