The app presently has 5 digital interactive graphic novels and 12 Param Veer Chakra serial videos

Indian War Heroes Comics goes digital stories of valour now on your phoneImage: Facebook/Indian War Comics
Features Thursday, September 10, 2015 - 15:14

We all know how soldiers protect our country day in and day out. However, their personal stories of valour and courage seldom reaches the common man. 

Trying to change that, an app called 'Indian War Heroes' has been released, that lets you read interactive graphic novels depicting the real life stories of these Indian war veterans, who fought for the country.

BodhaGuru Learning Private Limited, a software company based in Hyderabad, designed the app, in collaboration with Delhi-based Aditya Horizons.

"When I was young, I used to regularly watch the Param Vir Chakra serial on TV and that has always inspired me," says Samir Jain, Co-Founder and Director of BodhaGuru. "Today’s generation however, are digital natives and hooked to their smartphones and tablets," he adds.

The makers say that the first-of-its-kind app, which is presently available on Andriod and iOS devices, aims to inspire today’s generation and nurture values of patriotism.

“Initially when we published hard copies of our comics, our target group was students from sixth class on wards. However, the app has touched base with many more young readers,” says Aditya Bakshi, creative director of Aditya Horizons.

Aditya left behind a career in Merchant Navy, to dedicate his entire time to showcase stories of war and valor through emerging mediums.

It was then that he started 'Indian War Comics,' in honour of the soldiers. The comic books, that could be purchased online, instantly became a big hit.

"The response has been highly positive and encouraging. The Army, Air Force and Navy have taken copies in bulk for distribution to their schools. A number of civilian schools have also come forth to buy these titles in bulk for their children," he told The Quint in an earlier interview.

Aditya has already published seven comics, including one on Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan from the 26/11 operation.

"When we first met Indian War Comics team, we were amazed and inspired with their passion to share the stories. We made the app to make sure these stories go farther and reach more people," Samir adds.

(A screenshot of the app)

The 'Indian War Heroes' app presently has 5 digital interactive graphic novels and 12 Param Veer Chakra serial videos. 

Each graphic novel is made in the form of an interactive book with illustrations, background music and visual effects.  

The creators plan to add more graphic novels and videos soon. Watch a demo video of the app here.