Flix Sunday, May 03, 2015 - 05:30
After an earthquake on April 25 crippled Nepal, aid was forthcoming from India but it seems that Nepalese citizens haven’t taken too kindly to the presence of the Indian media contingent in the country. #GoHomeIndianMedia is trending in India. A blog by a non-resident Nepalese , Sunita Shakya, was published by CNN and tries to highlight the seeming insensitivity of the Indian media who have camped in the neighbouring country while trying to cover the disaster. Shakya writes that the Indian media coverage of the adversity caused more grief to her than the earthquake itself. There have been rumours of discontent from Nepalese citizens with regard to the Indian media contingent's behaviour in the neighbouring state. Executive Editor of TV news channel CNN-IBN, Anubha Bhosle, has defended the nature of reportage on Twitter while saying that the Indian media should not be treated like a "monolith".  Stressing on the fact that "The Nepalese state has been by and large overwhelmed and close to ineffective", she mentions that the focus of the Indian media was "never away from the tragedy."   Nepal, angry at sections of Indian media, for the 'masala' reportage they inflicted, Nepal is not an extension of India. — Anubha Bhonsle (@anubhabhonsle) May 3, 2015   Bashing Indian media and treating us all as one monolith will be a favourite pastime off all and sundry today.#NepalEarthquake — Anubha Bhonsle (@anubhabhonsle) May 3, 2015   Sections may have over hyped India's role but the focus was never away from the tragedy. — Anubha Bhonsle (@anubhabhonsle) May 3, 2015   In her blog, Shakya writes that “I hope there is some kind of training on how to report different events. Your media and media personnel are acting like they are shooting some kind of family serials,” . She goes on to question the fact that if media personnel could have gotten to the sites affected first, why did they did not help with the rescue in whichever way they could. She also mentions a specific instance of a reporter focusing on a site where people were fighting for food and a woman got severely injured in the melee which resulted in blood oozing from her head. “But how surprising, he did not have a minute to grab a piece of cloth to stop bleeding,” says the blog. Concluding with a message to those still in Nepal, she accuses the Nepalese government of “weakness and selfishness” but appealed to those present to “show your duty as a human.” “Take some food supplies, tent and water with you. You don’t have to show how government is not able to send supply there. At least you could reach there, so why can’t you all team up.” Here are a few tweets from Nepal: An indian news reporter to a mother who's learnt her only son has been buried under their house. Q. How do you feel? #GoHomeIndianMedia — Prasanna KC (@KC_Prasanna) May 3, 2015   Dear @narendramodi If they can't help nepalese we don't want them to keep world in illusion too #GoHomeIndianMedia pic.twitter.com/K6RwEC3yQJ — Dipesh Pandit (@Thejuly23rd) May 3, 2015   Dear Indian media, we shall welcome you back once you learn the basics and ABCs of journalism. For now leave. #GoHomeIndianMedia — prakriti khadka (@khadka_prakriti) May 3, 2015   Dear @narendramodi Wid due respect we request u 2 call back ur media.We dnt need such concern anymore Sincerely Nepalese #GoHomeIndianMedia — गरिमा (@iGarima1) May 3, 2015   The hashtag also picked up pace on Twitter in India with users of the social networking platform not looking too happy with their media either.   This is what's trending in Nepal #GoHomeIndianMedia Such huge tragedy..but still Nepalese can recognize the enemy pic.twitter.com/EWs1BTNgbq — sapna parmar (@parmarsap) May 3, 2015   Devastated by earthquake but more devastated by Indian Media. What else do we expect from #Presstitutes? #GoHomeIndianMedia — Ritika Jha (@RitikaJha2) May 3, 2015   Beef Masala Agenda Media gets TIGHT slap from Nepal! They're trending #GoHomeIndianMedia — TIMES WOW (@timesn0w) May 3, 2015   Others from within the Indian media space weighed in too:   Oops, see what's trending in Nepal, #GoHomeIndianMedia Anger at "patriotic" channels forgetting Nep not Indian state pic.twitter.com/khfLJ5IFik — Shekhar Gupta (@ShekharGupta) May 3, 2015   Not sure I agree at all with the thesis that people in Nepal are angered by an overbearing Indian presence during this tragedy. Rubbish. — Vishnu Som (@VishnuNDTV) May 3, 2015