'This is India, not Hindia': Political leaders oppose Amit Shah's statement on Hindi unifying India

Many politicians, cutting across party lines have condemned Amit Shah's statement that Hindi is needed to unify India.
'This is India, not Hindia': Political leaders oppose Amit Shah's statement on Hindi unifying India
'This is India, not Hindia': Political leaders oppose Amit Shah's statement on Hindi unifying India

Union Home Minister Amit Shah's statement promoting the 'One Nation, One Language' agenda has led to massive opposition from non-Hindi speaking states. Political leaders across party lines have condemned the very celebration of 'Hindi Divas' and demanded that Shah retract his statement claiming that 'only Hindi can unite India'.

The Minister stated that on the occasion of Hindi Diwas people must increasingly use their mother tongues, and also the Hindi language more often, and in doing so, contribute to realising the dream of Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Patel of 'one nation, one language'. He also claimed that while several languages have their own value, it is important for the nation to have one language that it is identified by in the world - Hindi.

Former Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy also lashed out at the Minister's tweet and said, "Today, the government is celebrating Hindi Divas across the country. Along with Hindi, Kannada is also constitutionally recognised as one of the official languages. When are you going to celebrate Kannada Divas across the country Mr Narendra Modi? Remember that Kannadigas are also a part of this nation."

Meanwhile, in Tamil Nadu where opposition against any form of Hindi imposition has been historically vociferours, the DMK once again took the lead to condemn the Home Minister's statement.

“Amit Shah must retract the statement that Hindi is the unifying language of India. This in India, not Hindia and PM Modi must make his stance on this matter clear. If not, they would have to see protests not only in Tamil Nadu but also from other states that are losing their rights due to the Hindi imposition,” he tweeted.

MDMK Chief and Rajya Sabha MP Vaiko meanwhile pointed out that if only Hindi speaking states belonged to India, then Tamil Nadu will not exist in it.

"If they want an India that speaks only Hindi, then several parts of the country will not be there. Amit Shah does not know this and doesn't know history. Do they want Hindi India or a united India is what TT Krishnamachari once asked. If they want an India with only Hindi, then Tamil and North-East states will not be in it," he told the media

The Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee released an official statement against the tweet, alleging a hidden 'RSS agenda'.

"India has never been recognised as a country with one language, one religion and one culture. India is a multi-lingual and multi-cultural nation and tolerance to all religions make up the essence of India. RSS hidden agenda is at play here. BJP must stop sacrificing the tenets of our country for cheap political gains," read the statement.

Former Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramiah said in his tweet, "Languages are windows of knowledge It should be cultivated with love and not by imposition. We are not anti-Hindi but we are against the imposition of its use. We are also against Hindi Diwas celebration."

In Telangana meanwhile AIMIM chief and Lok Sabha MP Asaduddin Owaisi stated that India was bigger than 'Hindi, Hindu, Hindutva'.

"Hindi isn't every Indian's "mother tongue". Could you try appreciating the diversity & beauty of the many mother tongues that dot this land? Article 29 gives every Indian the right to a distinct language, script & culture. India's much bigger than Hindi, Hindu, Hindutva," he said in a tweet.

Regional parties across India have been constantly battling the Centre's many efforts to impose Hindi in education and examinations for government jobs.

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