One photo spurred a caption contest online — a girl handing a rose to a policeman in riot gear.

Protest through posters Indias creativity on display at anti-CAA agitations
news CAA Thursday, December 19, 2019 - 20:30

Amidst cancelled permissions, police detentions, water cannons and lathicharges, crowds swelled across the country in protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act. But defiance wasn’t the only thing on display — there was also creativity.  

As people came out to protest in droves, the posters held aloft were equally diverse, slamming the ruling dispensation for the law, which will give citizenship to non-Muslim refugees from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh. 

One photo spurred a caption contest online and elicited the most amount of responses — a girl handing a rose to a policeman in riot gear, attracting sheepish smiles from other policemen around. The girl holds a poster that reads ‘My dad thinks I’m studying history. He doesn’t know I’m busy making one’. The cherry on top, however, is the girl’s t-shirt — the woman yelling at a cat meme

Protesters in Delhi certainly made good on the climate in Delhi. 

Courtesy: Twitter/Somesh Jha

Netflix shows made their presence felt with multiple shows being referenced — from Black Mirror to Orange Is The New Black.

Courtesy: Twitter/Karthik @beastoftraal

Courtesy: Twitter/Karthik @beastoftraal

Some even poked fun at themselves — and soon became a format that had various iterations.

Courtesy: Twitter/Trisha Gupta

Courtesy: Twitter/Harsimran Gill

It was only a matter of time before the Harry Potter references were made.

Courtesy: Twitter/Karthik @beastoftraal

Courtesy: Twitter/Karthik @beastoftraal

Plenty of jibes were made at the government. 

Courtesy: Twitter/FloptimusCrime

Courtesy: Twitter/Shayonnita

Courtesy: Twitter/Karthik @beastoftraal

Courtesy: Twitter/Sunanda @YoursLegallyy

A few others took on meme culture and pop culture, and did not disappoint.

Courtesy: Twitter/Nikhil Pahwa

Courtesy: Twitter/Riddhi @goodriddhance

Courtesy: Twitter/Riddhi @goodriddhance

Courtesy: Twitter/Riddhi @goodriddhance


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