Imran Khan's new wife Reham distraught over reports she is lesbian

Imran Khan's new wife Reham distraught over reports she is lesbian
Imran Khan's new wife Reham distraught over reports she is lesbian
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By Ahmar Mustikhan

Pakistan skipper-turned-politician Imran Khan, 62, newest wife, Reham Khan, 41, is under whole lot of stress after reports in the Daily Mail and social media that she was actually a lesbian.

“An abuser known to British Courts continues to stalk me and my family with newspaper publications like the @DailyMailUK propagating his agenda,” Reham Khan complained on twitter Wednesday.

"Some social media users have accused Mrs Khan of being a lesbian and one image even claims to show her in a sex shop,” the Daily Mail reported, she accused the UK newspaper of publishing photo-shopped pictures of her. “The @DailyMailUK continues to publish photo shopped images of me allegedly walking out of a sex shop & God knows when the FIA will wake up!” she said. In another tweet, she said, “Let's unite to report all accounts that are abusive or defamatory towards any person regardless of gender.”

The Daily Mail said Reham Khan, who formerly worked as a weather girl at the BBC TV in London, married the 62-year-old last Khan in a secret ceremony. “

Pakistan media had also targeted the newest love in Imran Khan’s life by questioning her previous marriage. “I had no idea that a divorce was not allowed in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan!,” Rehman Khan, tweeted angrily on Wednesday, who is a Pakhtun and talks Pashto.

In terms of population, Pakhtuns are the no. 1 nation in Afghanistan and the No. 2 nation in Pakistan. Many Pakistanis say Imran Khan, who is basically from Mianwali in Punjab, takes great pride in his Pakhtun heritage.

“I like the Shuttlecock Burqa as that is part of our Pakhtun heritage,” she said in a tweet. The shuttlecock shaped burqa is popular among Pakhtun females in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

A producer at Dawn TV, a Pakistan-based private news channel where Mrs Khan works, told The Daily Mail that trolls on social media had left the broadcaster “very disturbed.” The source said: “She is not in the right state of mind after seeing the reaction of trolls on social media after news of her marriage with Imran Khan was disclosed." The producer added, “She has not been conducting her daily programme as well. She is very disturbed by the way she is being portrayed on social media.”

Imran Khan family members appeared to be angry over his choice. His sister Aleema reacted with anger at the news, saying she doesn't want to meet the new Mrs Khan, The Daily Mail said.

One of her followers tweeted, “It’s shameful how Pakistani media is insulting a girl ! We Love you Reham api.” Another follower tweeted, “We all know Daily Mail have the credibility of a 6 year old :) fear not!” A third sympathizer said, “The way people are talking disgustingly abt @RehamKhan1 I respect her more than before. She's the most balanced lady in Pak media.”

Surina Khan, a Pakistani American female, who like Reham Khan belongs to Pakistan’s northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province is closely related to former air marshal Asghar Khan and is openly lesbian. She used to be a top official for the International gay & Lesbian Human Rights Commission in San Francisco.

Imran khan was once married to Jemima Goldsmith aka Jemima Khan, daughter of British tycoon Sir Ian Goldsmith and friend of Princess Diana. She tweeted: “I hope Imran will be happy in this new phase of his life.” They divorced in 2004, after being married for nine years, and have two sons, who are now teenagers now.

Imran Khan also had relationship with Sita White of Beverly Hills. Though Imran Khan publicly denies of having fathered a child, a Los Angeles court ruled he has an out-of-wedlock daughter from her named Tyrian Jade, who is now 22. Under Pakistan’s Islam-influenced laws, Imran Khan maybe barred from holding public office for having an illegitimate child.

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