Comfort over norms.

Improper is just more fun Ad takes on societys notions of how a lady should sitScreenshot
Social Gender Sunday, September 17, 2017 - 16:55

Girls and young women are often told to sit properly, dress properly, talk properly and so on. This has nothing to do with comfort, but is more about making women fit into the social definition of being graceful and lady-like.

But what if improper is more fun… more comfortable?

A new Whisper ad seeks to challenge the idea of a proper woman, especially how she should sit and behave when she is menstruating.

The video, done in collaboration with all women comedy group Girliyapa, features women in a variety of settings. There is a ballerina, a woman listening to music on the stairs, women who are reading, dancers and just women bursting crackers and having fun.

In all the sequences, these women look comfortable in how they are conducting themselves. They sit with their legs wide, against a wall, feet dangling from a staircase and more. These images are contrasted is the reprimanding voice many women will find familiar – someone telling them to have some shame and sit ‘properly’, unlike boys who can sit however they want.

Watch the video here:

First posted on September 9, the video has over 4 lakh views and over 1,000 shares.

“Society has always dictated how women should talk, behave, dress and sit properly. But improper is just more fun... more free... more liberating! Improper is just more comfortable,” reads the video description.

And being comfortable over proper, is just what the women seems to be doing. 

The message found resonance with many women who tweeted their reactions with the hashtag ‘Sit Improper’

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