The Kannada Development Authority has said they will withdraw no objection certificates for all Karnataka schools still in violation after the deadline.

Implement mandatory Kannada rule within a month KDA to Bengaluru schools
news Policy Thursday, November 01, 2018 - 12:09

The Kannada Development Authority is cracking down on schools which have failed to implement the rule to make Kannada a mandatory subject.

In wake of reports stating that several private schools had not introduced Kannada as a compulsory second language subject, the KDA has issued a one-month deadline starting November 1, for schools to adhere to the Compulsory Kannada Language Learning Act 2015.

Speaking to TNM, KDA Chairman SG Siddaramaiah said that he had held a meeting with KDA officials on Wednesday and directed them to begin take appropriate action against schools violating the norms.

“I have instructed them to ensure that not a single school is violating the rule by the end of November. If the schools do not adhere to the rules, then according to the Act, we can take away their no objection certificates. This is if they do not rectify the matter even after we issue notices,” SG Siddaramaiah added.

The KDA’s deadline comes after officials found that over 50 schools in Bengaluru alone were found violating the rules. “When they want funds they come to the government but they can’t implement the rules? As residents of Karnataka, it is only right that the children know the language of the land,” he said.

KDA officials will also be paying surprise visits to a list of schools the department has compiled during the deadline period to check for any violations. Though the deadline is targeting Bengaluru schools that aren't in compliance with the new rule, state schools must also follow suit. 

“We will do random checks. In case we come across schools violating the rules, we will fine them and also withdraw no objection certificates,” he added.

In September this year, media reports stated that the Principal Secretary of the Primary and Secondary Education Department, Shalini Rajneesh, had said that children must not be forced to study a particular language.

Reacting to the statement, SG Siddaramaiah said that he would ensure action is taken against officials of the Primary and Secondary Education Department too if they do not comply with the norms.

“If the department’s officials submit false reports, I will ensure that the principal secretary takes actions against officials too,” he added.

The Karnataka government made it mandatory to introduce Kannada as first or second language in all schools (state syllabus, ICSE and CBSE) from the academic year 2018-19. The KDA had set a February deadline for all schools to implement the policy. However, in the months after, the KDA had stated that many schools were still not following the rules.