'I'm a soldier who is willing to fight': Pawan Kalyan accuses rivals of planting stories

Pawan Kalyan said he wished he could have his own paper and TV channel to fight back, but stated that his ‘janasainiks’ are his media.
'I'm a soldier who is willing to fight': Pawan Kalyan accuses rivals of planting stories
'I'm a soldier who is willing to fight': Pawan Kalyan accuses rivals of planting stories
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Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan has come down heavily on his political rivals for allegedly planting stories in the media. This after certain reports in local media speculated about Jana Sena’s political alliances in the upcoming elections.

In a series of tweets on Friday, Pawan Kalyan claimed that he was “facing the music” after the ruling TDP in Andhra accused him of being a partner of the YSRCP and the BJP, while in turn the opposition claimed the JSP was a supporter of Chandrababu Naidu’s party.  The actor-turned-politician’s outburst comes after a section of the media ran stories suggesting that Pawan Kalyan is in secret talks with Andhra Chief Minister and TDP leader Chandrababu Naidu. However, other reports claimed the Jana Sena is in touch with Jaganmohan Reddy’s YSRCP and BJP.

Pointing out that he did not have his own mouthpieces to counter the stories in the media, Pawan Kalyan said, "One senior Political observer told me that both ‘TDP & YCP joined hands to damage the reputation of JSP by constantly planting stories.I wish I could have my paper and TV channel to fight back.”

He also said that he was inspired by political leader Kanshi Ram who established Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) without any media backup, while noting that his cadres are his channels and newspapers "My Janasainiks are my channels and newspapers.”

The JSP chief urged the people to prepare for more such stories as the election dates come nearer. He further alleged that his political rivals TDP and YSRCP expect him to be support them instead of being independent "to stop all the stories".
He concluded his tweets stating, "May be ,I am a small pawn in the game of political chess; but established political classes should remember ‘ I am a soldier ’ who’s is willing to fight (sic).”

Media and politics in Andhra 

The Telugu media in Andhra is known to have distinct political affiliations. Eenadu, the highest circulated Telugu newspaper, has openly supported the TDP and so has Andhrajyothi, another leader broadsheet. Sakshi – which has a newspaper and television channel – belongs to YSRCP chief Jagan’s wife and is essentially the party’s mouthpiece. Incidentally, despite Pawan Kalyan’s claims, it has been reported that Thota Chandrasheker, a leader in the Jana Sena Party owns the 99TV, a Telugu News outfit.

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