‘I'm not ready to sit and sulk’: Hanan does photoshoot in wheelchair post accident

Make-up artist Abeel Robin met Hanan Hamid for a photoshoot. Hanan, who used to sell fish before heading to college, was badly injured in an accident in September.
‘I'm not ready to sit and sulk’: Hanan does photoshoot in wheelchair post accident
‘I'm not ready to sit and sulk’: Hanan does photoshoot in wheelchair post accident
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“The sight we saw at the flat of Hanan was disheartening. She is still wheelchair-bound,” reads a Facebook post by makeup artist Abeel Robin on Hanan Hamid, a name that got etched in the hearts of Keralites. Hanan, the 19-year-old college student took care of her family and raised money for her studies by selling fish in Thammanam in Kochi.

In September, she met with an accident near Kodungallur in Thrissur.

On Wednesday, in a Facebook post, Abeel Robin describes Hanan’s current condition, which is saddening yet inspiring at the same time.

“Hanan called me a few days go, and asked if we could do a photoshoot for her portfolio, which we had discussed earlier. When I enquired about her condition post the accident, she said she is fine but could barely walk. I quickly readied the costumes and called Vaishakhan Mambra, my friend and fashion photographer, for the shoot. However, when we reached Hanan’s house, we were disheartened to see that she was wheelchair-bound. Vaishakhan and I even thought of postponing the shoot,” the post reads.

Inspired by Hanan’s hope and positive energy, she decided to start the shoot.

“We applied makeup on Hanan. Then, while helping her change into her costumes, we saw nearly 16 stitches on her spine. I was taken aback. Even an ‘iratta chankan’ (a bold person) would be afraid to sit in front of her. She is alone in the flat. She cooks on her own and washes clothes sitting in the wheelchair, without any support, although her father stayed with her for two days,” reads the post.

The post further details why Hanan is not ready to resign to her current health condition. “What could be done, Abeel, if I am bedridden? The government had borne my hospital expenses, but what would I do if I need to go ahead. I want to live my dreams, and I am not ready to sit around and sulk. Please don’t cancel the shoot, please don’t disappoint me; I have been waiting for this shoot,” Abeel quotes Hanan.   

“It could be undoubtedly said that it was her sheer boldness that she had shown to sell fish in a market at this tender age. She is a great textbook for all of us, who would be affected even by an illness,” the post says.

Hanan was in the limelight after a Malayalam daily published an article about her, along with a picture of her selling fish in a college uniform. The story of the young girl fighting against all odds became viral, with even Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan visiting her and announcing support for her.

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