Ilaiyaraaja alleged that his recording room was opened and equipment worth crores was damaged or being sold surreptitiously in the black market.

Music director Ilaiyaraaja talking over the mike at a concert
news Controversy Saturday, August 01, 2020 - 10:34

Music director Ilaiyaraaja has filed a complaint with Chennai Commissioner of Police against the owner of Prasad Studios on Friday. According to the complaint, Ilaiyaraaja’s room in Prasad Studios was allegedly opened and musical instruments and hand written musical notes were damaged or sold in the black market.

According to the complaint, Ilaiyaraaja said the founder of Prasad Studios, LV Prasad, handed over the key and lock of recording room 1 (known as Ilaiyaraaja Recording Theatre) to him in the year 1977. In 2019, the grandson of LV Prasad, Sai Prasad took over the studio. From the time Sai Prasad assumed control of the office, he allegedly threatened to disconnect electricity, water and other facilities and also sent henchmen to usurp the property, Ilaiyaraaja said in his complaint.

Following this, Ilaiyaraaja also filed a suit in the civil court in Chennai, which is still pending.

However, during the lockdown, Ilaiyaraaja said, “The respondents through their men broke his personal room in the suit premises and removed valuable materials. The worth of some of the materials cannot be quantified by way of money. I have learnt through my known circle that the said Sai Prasad through his men has been removing, stealing and damaging many of my belongings and articles which are worth several crores. I received credible information that they are being sold surreptitiously in the black market for a huge sum. This amounts to daylight robbery and grand theft. Immediate criminal action has to be initiated so that musical instruments will not be damaged, destroyed and sold.”

The complaint given on behalf of Ilaiyaraaja was received by Additional Commissioner of Police-South, Dinakaran who promised to take action.

Ilaiyaraaja, a music director with over 40 years of experience, was already in the middle of controversy for claiming royalty for his music and accusing music directors of using his songs in their movies.

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