Khan is no stranger to controversy.

If you created the situation face backlash too Azam Khan taunts the West on Paris attacks
news Azam Khan Monday, November 16, 2015 - 12:10

Azam Khan is at it again.

As the whole world mourns the tragedy which unfolded on the streets of Paris on Friday killing 129, the controversial UP Cabinet Minister and Samajwadi Party leader grabbed the headlines with his distasteful remarks yet again, this time justifying the terrorist attacks in Paris.

Speaking at a public rally Bareilly in UP, Khan justified the act of terror saying it was a mere reaction to the action by the first world countries in the Middle East. He also deemed the death of innocent citizens as unfortunate. “The world powers must first analyze the action for this reaction,” he said.

“People should know who lit the first match stick before they analyze the ravaging fire that is burning across nations. Killing innocents whether in Syria or Paris is a highly deplorable act and the whole world should condemn it. But then, if you created such a situation, you have to face the backlash too,” he said.

"Do you want to light up cities like Paris, known for their wine and party culture, with the money earned through illegally occupying oil reserves in Iraq, Syria, Libya and Iran? The bombardment in Iraq and Syria on suspected IS strongholds apart from killing innocent civilians are also rendering thousands homeless. What justification do they have for this?” he asked.

Both PM and President of the country have expressed grief and spread messages of solidarity with the French people. This was followed by political parties across lines condemning the horrific attacks.

Khan is no stranger to controversy. He has made several controversial remarks earlier facing severe criticism and public backlash.

In the run up to the Lok Sabha elections in 2014 he was heard making derogatory comments against now PM Modi and BJP president Amit Shah. He was earlier alleged to force police officials to form a search team to find his lost buffaloes.