Most of these are home remedies that you can execute even without power and medical supply

If you are safe from the Tamil Nadu floods here is how you can maintain hygieneFile photo (Courtesy: Nishanth Krish)
news Chennai Rains Friday, December 04, 2015 - 19:33

​Most Chennaites and people in rest of TN have only WhatsApp connectivity, so please copy this story and spread through Whatsapp.

As the rescue operations are underway in Chennai, the focus should now shift to how best people can ensure public health and combat the outbreak of water-borne diseases as it is often difficult to maintain hygiene during clean-up operations. 

The News Minute has compiled a list of dos and don'ts based on our conversations with doctors. Most of these are home remedies that you can execute even without power and medical supply. Spread the word and stay safe.

> Using sari as a filter can reduce the chance of cholera and the water-borne diseases. This has proved to be an effective method of filtration in flood-ravaged countries like Bangladesh, with researchers from the US establishing. While boiling water and then filtering it would be more effective but in cases where people have no access to gas or heating mechanisms, filtering water using the folds of a sari is better than no filtration at all.

> If you have no access to drinking water, collect rain water in containers placed on your terrace. This can then be boiled and filtered for use.

> Do not stand in stagnant water. With sewage water getting mixed with all water sources, standing in these stagnant pools can lead to leptospirosis.

> If your food stock is running low at home, take a litre of boiled water and add 5-6 spoons of sugar and 1 spoon of salt. Drinking this at regular intervals will help in keeping the hydration levels high.

> In areas where the water is knee-deep, add bleaching powder or salt to it. It works as an effective disinfectant and also prevent bacterial diseases from getting transmitted.

> For those with access to medicines, stock up on ORS packets to prevent diarrhoea and antiemetic drugs to prevent vomiting.

> Have freshly cooked food that's been heated to boiling point. For those with power, avoid refrigerated food to the maximum extent possible.

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