For years, people have been asking 'When will Rajini enter politics?'. Can we please stop?

If Rajinikanth says I like barotta does that mean hes entering politicsPTI
Voices Politics Monday, May 15, 2017 - 19:57

Studying Rajinikanth's tryst with politics is like analysing a tea stain, believing it to be a piece of modern art. For years, people have been looking at his statements from various angles, trying to decipher what he actually means when he says something utterly cryptic or noncommittal.

It's easy to be Rajinikanth's speech writer. For instance, if he was asked to speak on the barotta, all he needs to say is, "I like barotta. But that doesn't mean I support barotta. In the end, it's the aandavan who decides your fate, my fate and the barotta's fate."

Within minutes, the media will go nuts about Rajinikanth's views on the barotta and what he really means. Is he planning to promote the barotta in Delhi in the upcoming General Elections? Or does he mean the ruling party is not doing enough for the barotta? Is he hinting that he will join the opposition?

Meanwhile, does barotta oh-my-gawd stand for the Cauvery issue? Maybe the barotta is actually PETA and we should boycott Rajinikanth's films! OR it could stand for Tamil culture, in which case we should have him as the TN Chief Minister given we really miss having someone from the film industry rule us.

When will Rajinikanth enter politics? Which political party will he support? These questions have been in the air ever since the journalists who are reporting on the burning issue have been in their diapers.

The man, who has made his career reeling off punch dialogues on screen, is highly diplomatic when it comes to political issues and it's simple to understand why. He acts in big budget flicks and cannot afford to burn his fingers if people start outraging about his views on the barotta.

Unlike his contemporary Kamal Haasan, who is quite forthright with his views on political issues, Rajinikanth has seldom spoken out about anything. The few times he has, he's received brickbats for it and he's probably had enough.

Let Rajinikanth make movies and eat his barotta in peace. The man has said a hundred times that he isn't getting into politics - let's listen once and for all.

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