If not anything else, 'MSG 2 - The Messenger' has managed to anger tribals

The Jharkhand government's move comes a day after the Delhi HC dismissed a similar petition
If not anything else, 'MSG 2 - The Messenger' has managed to anger tribals
If not anything else, 'MSG 2 - The Messenger' has managed to anger tribals
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Considering the sentiments of tribal people, the Jharkhand government on Saturday banned the screening of the movie “MSG 2 - The Messenger”, starring Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, in the state.

"Jharkhand govt has taken note of the 'MSG 2...' movie released on Sept 18 which has used some unsavoury remarks which are unconstitutional. The remarks hurt the sentiment of the tribal people.

Chief Minister Raghubar Das gathered information about the movie and directed the officials to ban the movie in the state," stated an official release. 

The move comes shortly after Raimul Bandra, a tribal activist, moved the Jharkhand High Court seeking ban on the movie. Bandra had claimed that the film hurt the feelings of tribal communities in a state where tribals constitute 27 percent of the population

The HC on Friday had ordered notices to be served to the Censor Board, the Centre, the production house, the Director of Tribal Research and other parties, reported PTI.

A similar petition had been recently filed in the Delhi High Court stating that the trailer of the film depicted 'adivasis' as anti-national. However, the HC dismissed the petition on Thursday stating the depiction of adivasis in the trailer was not relatable to scheduled tribes in any manner, another report by PTI states. 

The court said, "The subject of the film from the trailer is found to be depicting a fantasy to the viewers and has to be understood in the said light only. In fact, in some scenes in the trailer, adivasis are shown with two horns and having the lower body as of an animal and the upper torso of a human being."

It went on to say that the petitioner, Prem Mardi, had undermined the "average intelligence" of Indian citizens and that people cannot said to be "so naive as to be not able to distinguish between real and fantasy". 

"In my opinion, only such films can be said to be having propensity of inculcating hatred, ill-will and violence towards a person or group of persons which show life as is ordinarily understood by the viewers and not a film which, to the average viewers understanding, is not depicting life but a fantasy or what is surreal," the judge said. 

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