I will make Jayalalithaa eat humble pie again: Subramanian Swamy

I will make Jayalalithaa eat humble pie again: Subramanian Swamy
I will make Jayalalithaa eat humble pie again: Subramanian Swamy
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The News Minute| September 8, 2014| 6.30 pm IST

BJP leader Subramanian Swamy said today that he will make Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa "eat the humble pie again." He was responding to questions from The News Minute about the defamation case which was filed by J Jayalalithaa against him under Section 500 and 501 of the Indian Penal Code at a sessions court in Chennai.

Jayalalithaa’s decision to sue Swamy comes after a letter-match between the two leaders. Jayalalithaa had written to PM Modi saying she was distressed with Subramanian Swamy’s interview to a media organisation in which he said he had advised Sri Lankan government to release Tamil fishermen and not their boats.

Dr Swamy retaliated with a letter to the PM alleging that Jayalalithaa was concerned about mechanised boats as they belonged to VIP’s including her aide Sasikala and DMK leader T R Baalu.Dr Swamy alleged Jayalalithaa appropriated his hard work on Mulla Periyar Dam as her achievement. He had also alleged that Jayalalithaa claimed she saved Ram Setu.

Dr Swamy told The News Minute that he thinks politicians who file defamation cases have no knowledge of the law and they are at the mercy of the lawyers. ‘I have made her eat the humble pie in defamation cases many time in the past, she will have the same fate on this one too,’ he reacted when asked about the defamation case.

He says that , he ‘would not have bothered her, but she wrote to the prime minister about the fisherman’, which made him retaliate. ‘I got the fisherman released and not the boats because the boats belong to the rich, so she wrote again to the prime minister saying the sentiments of the fishermen were hurt - seems to be habituated to writing letters.,’ and added that Jayalalithaa must be a sadist or has some kind of a Pavlovian conditioning that makes her keep filing cases.

Dr Swamy referred to the 1964 New York Times Co. v. Sullivan case in the US and said, "Many countries including the UK have applied the same law that the onus of establishing defamation is now on the person who is suing.and there is a case log on it."

"In the 1990's she had filed almost 40 defamation cases against me in Tamil Nadu. I went to the Supreme Court and got them quashed and she had to accept the public humiliation. After that she did a somersault and visited me at my residence in Chennai (1996-1997) and we became allies and I believe Sasikala didn't like that.now I think I have some incomplete task from the 1990s which I have to complete - I am having fun," he concluded.

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