Vijayakanth denied all reports of any alliance talks with other parties and says he will fight the elections alone

I will fight the elections alone announces Vijayakanth
news TN 2016 Thursday, March 10, 2016 - 20:44

In an unexpected move, DMDK chief Vijayakanth announced on Thursday that he will fight the assembly polls alone.

Speaking to the media in Chennai, the much sought after leader asked the media not to conduct classes on politics for him.

Over the past few days, several reports have emerged on the status of his alliance talks with the DMK on one side, and the BJP on the other. He was being courted by both the Dravidian major and the party in power at the centre.

Multiple sources in the DMK had told TNM few days ago that Vijayakanth was going to join the DMK alliance, and other reports too confirmed the same. Read here and here.

It is unclear what went wrong in the alliance talks with the DMK.

Meanwhile, several attempts made by the BJP in the recent past to broker a deal with DMDK also went in vain.

Vijayakanth denied all reports of any alliance talks with other parties and told the media to "listen carefully" to him announcing that he will fight the elections alone.

Just few minutes before Vijayakanth's announcement, his wife Premalatha had launched a blistering attack on DMK, AIADMK and PMK.

She pointed to Jayalalithaa's DA case for the AIADMK, the 2g case for the DMK and the medical scam case for the PMK, and called all of them as corrupt parties.

Though Vijayakanth has announced that he will go alone, many doubt that this may be the last development in this saga of alliance politics. It also remains to be seen if parties like the BJP will join Captain's team.

Vijayakanth neither King nor Kingmaker