Fans of various superstars have created a dangerous atmosphere for anyone who comes out with an opposing view or criticism, especially if the person is a woman, Ashiq Abu said.

I am with them Prithviraj Aashiq Abu come out in support of WCC members
news Mollywood Thursday, June 28, 2018 - 18:16

The Malayalam film industry is seeing a much needed shake-up. Four women actors resigned from the Association of Malayalam Movie Artistes (AMMA), after the body reinstated actor Dileep, accused of being the mastermind in the actor assault case. Three others have demanded that AMMA come to the table and explain their decision. And while the women from the Women in Cinema Collective are largely fighting alone, there is some support from inside the industry. On Thursday, actor Prithviraj and director Aashiq Abu spoke out in support of them.

In a Facebook post, Director Aashiq Abu lashed out at AMMA and its heads for their decision to reinstate actor Dileep, and for remaining silent even as one of their former members was sexually assaulted last year.

“Creating fear in the society and silencing all the dissenting voices are the basis of terrorism. This is what has been happening in the Malayalam film industry for some time now,” said Aashiq.

“Creating a dangerous environment by issuing threats, to cyber bullying, there have been many ways in which the fans of various superstars have reacted to anyone who comes out with an opposing view or criticism, especially if the person is a woman,” he said.

Coming down strongly on Dileep, Ashiq Abu said, “The very fact that someone can assault an actor... in the middle of the road is because of the confidence they have on their loyal fan base, that will support them no matter what they do, and of course, their money power. A lot of people had taken advantage of the innocent love and adoration that the people in Kerala have for movies and actors.”

Supporting Rima, Remya, Geetu, Parvathy, Revathy, Padmapriya, and the survivor, Ashiq said, “When Parvathy was being hounded and targeted by fans for voicing out her opinion, Mammootty remained silent, so did the entire Kerala state. These women faced these problems together.”

He also questioned as to who is giving this license to fans to harass and abuse these women.

Meanwhile, actor Prithviraj, too, came out in support of the actors after they quit AMMA.

In an interview to Cithara Paul of The Week, Prithviraj said, “I completely understand why Remya, Geethu and Rima resigned from AMMA. I appreciate their courage and applaud the decision. I am with them. There may be people who criticise them but I believe that right or wrong depends on one's perception.”

Prithviraj is among those who have come out in support of the actor who was assaulted.

“It was one of the saddest incidents in my life. I am yet to recover from the pain that it caused. She is still a very close friend of mine and I respect her immensely for the courage that she has shown. It was easier for her to keep silent or even to move on. But the fact that she did not succumb to any pressure and decided to fight makes her so special. Her fight is not just for herself but for all the women in the industry and even outside it. I certainly believe her case is a turning point in the Malayalam film industry,” the actor said.

On June 27, core members of the Women in Cinema Collective announced their resignation from the Association of Malayalam Movie Artistes (AMMA), following AMMA’s decision to reinstate actor Dileep, who is accused in the rape and abduction case of an actor in February last year.

On Thursday, WCC members and actors Revathy, Padmapriya, and Parvathy submitted letters to AMMA, asking for an emergency executive meeting about the film body's decision to reinstate Dileep.

Ever since the resignation of the WCC members from AMMA, several prominent personalities including journalists, activists and ministers of the state have come out in support of their decision to leave the body.

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