‘I am agitated’: Karthik Reddy speaks to TNM after resigning from Congress

Karthik Reddy said that he would not like to jeopardise his mother Sabitha Indra Reddy’s chances, but said that he made personal promises as well.
‘I am agitated’: Karthik Reddy speaks to TNM after resigning from Congress
‘I am agitated’: Karthik Reddy speaks to TNM after resigning from Congress
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Former minister Sabitha Indra Reddy’s son, Patolla Karthik Reddy, who was with the Congress’ campaign committee, sent his resignation along with the resignation of all his supporters after the Rajendranagar seat he vied for was allotted to the Telugu Desam Party, as part of the Mahakutami.

On Wednesday, the Telangana unit of the Telugu Desam Party announced its candidates for two more assembly constituencies -- Sama Ranga Reddy for Ibrahimpatnam and Ganesh Gupta for Rajendranagar, taking the total count to 11 candidates being announced out of the 14 seats it has been offered in the Mahakutami.

Speaking to TNM, Karthik said, “This is a Congress winning seat, and so is Ibrahimpatnam. My matter of concern is, how do you give away a winning seat to your allies? Let’s [say] that even if you give to your allies they would win that seat, but that’s not true. The TDP will not win in Ibrahimpatnam and Rajendranagar. Neither do they have strong candidates and nor do they have a vote bank. On what basis did they give those seats? Am I not answerable to the workers who have been working for the party for so long,” he said.

He added that he wasn’t worried that he was not picked as the candidate, and would have accepted it if the Congress had picked someone from the party.

Angry because Karthik was being denied a ticket, his supporters vandalised the party office at Shamshabad. They tore party posters and raised slogans of ‘Karthik Anna Zindabad’.

Karthik is the son of former Home Minister Sabitha Indra Reddy, who is contesting on a Congress ticket from Maheshwaram. When asked about how his resignation will affect his mother, Karthik said, “You also should take Rajendranagar as a unit. It's a unit by itself. This is not Maheshwaram or Chevella. This is an issue related to Rajendranagar where I have been working, where I am answerable. I respect my mother’s chances, I would not jeopardise whatever it is with regard to her. But what about the personal promises I made on the ground?” he asked.

Karthik has earlier claimed that Telangana Telugu Desam Party chief L Ramana sold the Rajendranagar seat. To this, he responded that incumbent MLA Prakash Goud has proclaimed that Karthik will not get a seat, and he was suspicious.

“Prakash Goud has been saying it for the last two months in every speech that ‘Karthik will not get the ticket. He won’t get the seat. Karthik won’t contest, the seat is for us only.’ Why won’t I be suspicious? How does an opposition MLA have the guts or the gall to say that I won’t get the ticket, on what basis? This is for Prakash Goud and L Ramana to answer,” he said.

When asked if he would contest as an independent, Karthik said that while the decision is yet to be taken, his cadre has begun preparations. The last day for filing nominations is November 19.

“That decision will be taken, We’ll convene a meeting and decide on that day. As of now, the prep by cadre is being done for me to contest as an independent. They are more adamant than me, so let’s see on November 18,” he said.  

When asked if he will return to the Congress if they reach out to him, Karthik said, “Right now, I am agitated. There are certain answers I need. As long as they don’t answer my questions, I’ll stick to my stand,” he said.

Addressing a gathering of his supporters in Hyderabad after announcing his resignation on Thursday, Karthik said, “There is pain in all of us. I don’t have personal pain that I was denied a ticket, but I just worry that the TRS candidate will win. When TDP got the B-form yesterday, it was the TRS which celebrated. Telangana TDP President has approached senior Congress leaders and lobbied for the ticket for his own personal gain. Is this why we joined the Mahakutami?” he asked.

Telangana goes to polls on December 7, and the counting will be on December 11.

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