Hyderabad's dog paradise: A park just for your pets by the Hussain Sagar lake

The dogs play, cuddle and socialize with each other.
Hyderabad's dog paradise: A park just for your pets by the Hussain Sagar lake
Hyderabad's dog paradise: A park just for your pets by the Hussain Sagar lake
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As Hyderabad grows into a global destination for the IT industry, its concrete jungle is spreading its wings. But at the heart of this urban spread, a paradise for dogs and dog lovers is blooming.

Do you love to get your dogs to socialize? Take it on a date to Dogs Park at Necklace road, located next to Jalavihar.

Situated on the banks of the Hussain Sagar lake, the park has pet lovers coming along with their little ones just as the sun rises. The dogs play, cuddle and socialize with each other. Most of them are let off their leash and allowed to run around the entire space while the owners watch on with a smile.  

With regular socializing, dogs learn to behave with strangers and other dogs.

And it’s fun for the pet lovers too. They feel relaxed watching their pooches run, jump and hop with happiness.

Sunny, a techie based in Hyderabad, owns a Labrador named Duke and was one of the first members who started coming to the park, “In February 2013, I came to Necklace Road and was walking on a green stretch along with Duke, he was just three months old then. A regular walker, Ramadas, along with his Labrador named Bond came over. Duke and Bond started to play. This was our regular spot where we walked and these two would play around. As days passed by, other walkers also started to bring their dogs and now, after three years, we are a family of 350 dogs.” The members see this place as a recreational hub and a great spot for relieving stress.

Unfortunately, most parks in Hyderabad don’t allow dogs to enter the premises, as the staff either fear dogs or worry about the park’s sanitization. This is the only park which allows it, and it is run by people.

“Many of them love coming to the park. It is mentally and physically refreshing. Children love spending their weekends here. It’s beautiful to see children and dogs running all over the place,” said Rishikesh, a frequent visitor to the park.

What’s more, they have a Facebook page for the park too. ‘Dogs Park at Necklace road’ has 7500 followers and the social network played a major role in spreading the word to other pet lovers. Posts related to adoption of isolated and missing dogs are put up here, apart from the regular dog park activities. The page also gives tips and tricks on how to take care of dogs.  “When we come across any abandoned dog on the road, we share its information and call for adoptions. We love animals and we are doing our bit for them,” said Sunny.

Members are now planning to form an organization and get the park registered, after which they would approach the government to set up signboards and speed breakers to avoid any mishaps outside the park. On Necklace road, vehicles move at a fast pace which is proving dangerous for the dogs and children. Sunny’s Labrador Duke was hit by a fast moving two-wheeler when he was entering the park. His spinal cord broke and he was paralyzed for a year. “I used to feed him and carry him around like a baby. After one year of struggle, he began to walk on his own. He has recovered but at times he faces problem in walking,” said Sunny.

Breeds like Labrador, Boxer, Rottweiler, German Shepherd are seen in the park, apart from smaller breeds like Pug, Pomeranian and Shih Zu. “But we don’t encourage breeders,” says Sunny.

On July 20, three puppies were burnt alive in Hyderabad, and in a separate incident, a dog was shot dead. In both the brutal incidents, the culprits made a video and posted it on social media. This has shocked the pet-loving community here.

“It’s disgusting to burn or shoot a dog. I don’t know what fun they extract from harming animals. Severe punishments should be given to people who harm animals. How can they pay Rs. 50 and get away?” asks Karthik Punyamurthula in anger. In an effort to make the city a safer place for animals, the community is planning to conduct events on animal safety and sensitivity.

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