Hyderabad police suspect the accused may either work at a hotel, restaurant, supermarket or departmental store.

Hyderabad police release sketch of pregnant woman whose body was dumped near IT hub
news Crime Sunday, February 04, 2018 - 11:54

Nearly a week after the chopped body of an eight-month pregnant woman was found dumped in Hyderabad, the Cyberabad police have released a portrait of the victim and asked the public to come forward with any information.

This comes days after the police announced a reward of Rs 1 lakh for any information on the killers, who are yet to be identified.

The woman’s portrait was prepared by experts from the Crime Investigation Department (CID), based on eye-witnesses who saw a woman in an advanced stage of pregnancy in the area.

The police have also found that the victim visited Udupi hotel in Gachibowli on January 28, two days before her body was found.

The body was found at Sri Ram Nagar, next to Botanical Gardens, which is situated close to the city's IT hub.

The police said that the woman was killed at some unknown place two to three days earlier, and her decomposed body was dumped on the road later.

The police suspect the accused may either work at a hotel, restaurant, supermarket or departmental store that uses spices from an Indore-based company, flour from a mill in Maharashtra’s Lathur and chilli from an outlet in Andhra Pradesh’s Guntur.

The police said that these were the brands displayed on the sacks in which the woman's body parts were found. 

A post-mortem examination revealed that the woman may have also been beaten before she was killed, as she had a fractured pelvis and a ruptured uterus, besides broken ribs.

In an earlier press release, the police had said, "The lady is about 5 feet 4 inches tall, medium built, about 30 years old, round faced and has a fair complexion. She was eight months pregnant. She wore a maroon colour kurta, red colour pyjama, silver toe rings, maroon colour bangles and a copper finger ring."

"The Cyberabad police requests all doctors, mainly obstetricians and gynaecologists, to inform us if any lady with such a description came for consultations. Flat owners or neighbours can also provide clues if they have seen a similar dress or came to know about a missing pregnant woman," the police added.

Citizens with any details and clues can contact the Circle Inspector at 9499617127, the Sub-Inspector at 9491030375 or the ACP at 9491039175, the police said in a press release.