The accused sexually assaulted eight women and also attempted to rape a 10-year-old, say police.

Hyderabad police arrest Ola driver for rape attempt say he was a serial offenderImage for representation
news Crime Monday, January 15, 2018 - 08:56


Hyderabad police on Saturday arrested a 29-year-old Ola driver for attempting to sexually assault a woman at AS Rao Nagar. 

During the investigation, the accused confessed to raping eight women and attempting to rape a 10-year-old girl in the past, say police.

The accused was identified as Kandukuri Naga Madhu Kiran, a resident of Lalapet. 

According to Times of India, the accused attempted to rape the woman on January 5. 

He reportedly picked up the woman to drop her at Radhika theatre in AS Rao Nagar saying that he was done with his work and he could drop her. 

However, instead of dropping the woman at her destination, he took her to a different place, claiming that he wants to meet a friend. Later, he attempted to rape the woman by locking the car. 

But when the victim cried and yelled for help, the driver panicked as it was a residential area. He unlocked the car and fled from the spot, say police.

With the help of CCTV, police were able to identity the car and the accused, who was arrested from his residence.

During the investigation, he confessed to sexually assaulting eight women and also a 10-year-old at Kowkoor dargah. 

According to the police, the driver offered a ride to the girl on his bike and attempted to rape her by tying her up. 

However, when the girl started crying, he fled from the spot without freeing her. 

The girl was later rescued by an auto-driver who had come to the dargah to offer prayers.

Kushaiguda sub-inspector G Chandra Shekhar told TOI, “The 10-year-old was returning home. He asked her the route to Radhika Talent School and requested her to accompany him. When the victim agreed, he said he wanted to be friends with her and offered to take her on a long drive. Then, the culprit took her to Kowkoor Dargah and tied her up. He attempted to rape her, but the minor girl started crying. He panicked and left her at the place and fled away.”

Meanwhile, Ola spokesperson issued a statement, "We condemn any act of crime. We can confirm that this incident has not occurred on our platform. On learning from media report about this incident, we have immediately terminated the driver from our platform and will extend all support to the authorities to share any information that will further help in their investigation."