The train developed technical difficulty shortly after crossing Parade grounds.

news Transportation Saturday, October 12, 2019 - 14:51

Hyderabad Metro Rail service was interrupted for over an hour on Saturday morning due to a technical glitch. The Hyderabad Metro Rail (HMR) officials said that a metro train developed a snag at around 10:30 am near the Paradise metro station.

The service was disrupted along the Blue line corridor with 24 stations that span 24 kilometres connecting Nagole to Raidurgam stations. The train developed technical difficulty shortly after crossing Parade grounds.

L&T Metro, overseeing the metro operations, had to dispatch another train to the location to push the halted train to Paradise station where the metro passengers were made to disembark the faulty train, and continue their commute on another train.



The halted train in the meantime was pushed to a pocket track at Prakash Nagar metro station and is now under repair.  The cause of the technical snag was being attributed to a "failed electrical part" by the HMR Managing Director NVS Reddy.

Earlier in April, the HMR service was disrupted twice in the same day along the Red line connecting LB Nagar to Miyapur stations. The first delay was attributed to technical snag developed in Hyderabad Metros signalling system. This delay lasted for over half an hour. The second time, the delay was due to an advertisement banner falling over the metro rail electric posts that led to a 15 minutes delay.

When a Metro train has mid-journey due to a technical snag, it often ends up having a ripple effect of delays in other metro trains. In June this year, a metro train along with its passengers had to wait for over 45 minutes on the Red line between LB Nagar and Miyapur due delay caused by another train that developed a technical snag.