The 23-year-old had asked his younger brother for money to buy a car and became enraged when told that there was not enough cash.

Hyderabad man kills brother over money dispute covers murder up as road mishap
news Crime Tuesday, June 11, 2019 - 17:28

A 23-year-old man was arrested in Hyderabad for allegedly murdering his 19-year-old brother over a money dispute. Though initially the accused tried to cover up the murder by staging it as a road accident, he eventually confessed to committing the crime to the police.

The accused Vinaykumar and his brother Karthik Kumar work as car mechanics at Annaram village in Sangareddy district. The duo, who would buy, modify and then sell cars, had recently purchased a second-hand car, pooling in money from their earnings.

According to officials at the Dundigal police station, Vinaykumar called his mother Aruna on Sunday evening and informed her that he and Karthik had met with an accident on Outer Ring Road at Dundigal.

“The parents rushed to the spot and saw Karthik lying in a pool of blood on the road. They immediately took him to the hospital. But Aruna became suspicious when she noticed that there was something different in the way Vinay was behaving,” Venkatesh, Dundigal station CI, told TNM.

When Aruna asked her son further details about the accident, Vinay was unable to explain. She also noticed that the kind of injuries on Vinay were different from those that would be sustained during a road mishap. Sensing that her son was hiding something from her, Aruna lodged a complaint with the Dundigal cops.

On questioning, Vinay broke down and was quick to confess to the crime. According to the prima facie interrogation, it emerged that Vinay wanted to buy a second-hand car for which he asked money from Karthik. The younger sibling told Vinay that there was not enough cash to buy another car and this angered the accused. He hit Karthik on the head with an iron rod and staged the crime to look like an accident.

But speaking to TNM, another police official from Dundigal police station said that Vinay was angry with his brother as the latter kept pestering his girlfriend and this led to a scuffle between the brothers on Sunday.

“The girl was earlier in a relationship with Karthik. They broke up and the girl began dating the elder brother. But Karthik still kept pestering the woman and Vinay was apparently miffed with his younger brother over this issue,” the officer added.

A case has been filed against Vinaykumar under Section 302 (murder) and 201 (causing evidence to disappear). Police said that the accused is in police custody and further investigation is going on.

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