Salary hike was announced for nurses and the working days have been reduced for Class IV employees.

Gandhi hospital sanitation staff sat on road by putting on mask for a protest to increase their salaries.By arrangement
Coronavirus Coronavirus Thursday, July 16, 2020 - 09:36
Written by  IANS

After successful talks with the government, the outsourced nurses and sanitation staff who were on strike in the government-run Gandhi Hospital in Hyderabad, called off their indefinite strike on Wednesday.

The agitating staff, including nurses, sanitation workers and security guards, called off their protest after being assured by the top health department officials.

The striking nurses were assured that their salary will be increased from Rs 17,500 to Rs 25,000 per month and a daily allowance of Rs 750 will be paid to those who are on duty in COVID-19 wards.

The officials also assured that a daily incentive of Rs 300 would be given to class IV employees. They will also be given duty for only 15 days in a month.

Following the assurance, the staff announced that they are calling off the strike and resumed their duties.

The six days of strike impacted the outpatient services and caused severe inconvenience to patients at the hospital, which is designated by the government as the Centre of Excellence for COVID-19 care where critical cases are being treated.

Over 200 nurses had been demanding a hike in salary and regularisation of services.

The nurses said that their demand was justified as they were risking their lives to render the services in the times of a pandemic.

Five contract nurses were recently infected by the virus while discharging their duties.

Many nurses said they were appointed on contract basis in 2007 and are still being paid Rs 17,000 while nurses appointed in 2018 were drawing salaries of over Rs 25,000.

Gandhi Hospital has seen a series of protests by various sections of employees over the last three months.

Junior doctors have also staged protests on two occasions against the attacks by relatives of COVID-19 patients.

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