HTC teases ‘Vive Cosmos’ VR controllers with seamless tracking

According to HTC, these controllers are designed to give users greater control of their VR experience.
HTC teases ‘Vive Cosmos’ VR controllers with seamless tracking
HTC teases ‘Vive Cosmos’ VR controllers with seamless tracking
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Whatever the performance of Taiwan’s HTC in the smartphone market, its hold on the VR headsets segment has been as strong as ever. The company had made some noises earlier about the soon to be launched Vive Cosmos VR controllers, but now, there is some more information available on this accessory and possibly you can expect the product to reach the market before long.

This latest set of information has come from the official HTC Vive Twitter handle and it includes a video of the device in action. These are Cosmos controllers which offer the support to the VR headsets when you are watching a programme and track the movement of your wrist. HTC claims their Vivi Cosmos controllers have been designed in a superior manner with the placement of the buttons and the way the joystick works and give a better performance compared to the competitive brands in the market.

For immediate comparison, you have the Oculus Touch controller with similar functions and the difference you notice in the designs between the two is in the placement of the buttons and the joystick. They are on the opposite sides on the controllers. HTC has provided the buttons inside the loop whereas with the Oculus Touch controller, you would be resting your thumb on the top of the loop.

HTC has confirmed that these controllers can be used along with your existing VR headsets. The only information yet to be released by HTC is when it plans to have the Vive Cosmos VR controllers launched in the market and its pricing etc. It must be clarified that this VR controller cannot operate as a standalone device but has to be coupled to a PC or a smartphone. Await some more details from HTC soon.

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