A step-by-step guide on how to get registered if you are going abroad or in the 18-40 age group with co-morbidities.

Coronavirus Vaccination Tuesday, June 08, 2021 - 15:06

For people in the age group of 18 to 40 years, Kerala is currently providing vaccination only for those who have comorbidities or certain health conditions and for those who want to travel abroad. To get a slot under this priority group, the beneficiaries will have to register both in the CoWIN portal as well as in the Kerala government vaccination website. In this website under 'request for individual section' people with comorbidities, those who are going abroad and for Haj pilgrimage, can get registered to get priority vaccine. (Those above 40 years of age can get vaccinated even if they have no comorbidities).

The initial step is to get registered in the CoWIN portal. Next is to get registered in the Kerala COVID 19 website, which is only a booking site to streamline the process. Only residents of Kerala will get approval for vaccination through this portal. In the website, there is an option for Individual request where people under this age group with comorbidities can register.

Register your mobile number and enter the OTP sent to your number. After OTP verification, you will be redirected to the vaccination request form. One has to fill all the details asked and submit a certificate from a medical practitioner mentioning which comorbidity the applicant has. The prescribed format for the certificate is given in the same Kerala website. While registering in the Kerala website, CoWIN reference number must be entered in the request form. District health authorities shall process the submitted request and once your slot is scheduled, you will get an SMS regarding vaccination date and venue details.

23 comorbidities or health conditions have been listed in the prescribed format given for registration- Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, all Cardiac Diseases (Congenital/Acute/Chronic), all lung Diseases including Asthma, all Neurological Conditions, Developmental Disorders, all Renal disorders,  all Liver Diseases, Inflammatory bowel disease,  any Cancer or on treatment for cancer, all genetic disorders, congenital metabolic disorders, obesity- BMI, endocrine disorders, rheumatological disorders, persons on immunosuppressive therapy, auto immune diseases, hematological conditions- Sickle Cell disease/ bone marrow failure/ Aplastic anaemia/ Thalassemia major, primary immunodeficiency disease/ HIV infection, Polycystic ovarian disease (PCOD), differently abled individuals, and any organ transplant including Hamatopoietic stem cell transplant.

Registration for people who go abroad

After registering in the CoWIN portal, people who wish to travel abroad will have to get registered in the Kerala specfic website under 'requests for individual' section. While filling the form, select the eligibility group as 'Going abroad'.  Also select whether the person is taking first or second dose and fill other details asked such as CoWin details, [assport details, ID proof and travel document. Those who want to take the second dose of vaccination need to mention the date of the first dose taken.

Those travelling abroad from Kerala and need immediate travel clearance need not wait for 84 days (union government prescribed time period for second dose) to get their second dose.

"Those beneficiaries (>18 years), who are partially vaccinated and are yet to complete 84 days after first dose of Covishield, but needs the completion of vaccination schedule for travelling abroad may apply for priority vaccination through the portal (Kerala portal mentioned above) with documents supporting immediate travel and can get vaccinated at 4-6 weeks interval after first dose, once the application is approved and subsequently scheduled for vaccination by District RCHO," says a government order dated May 29, 2021.

Vaccination certificate for those who go abroad

Since the CoWIN vaccine certificate doesn't mention passport number in it, which is not acceptable in many countries, the Kerala government has introduced another certificate mentioning the passport number. The request for the same is also available in the Kerala COVID 19 vaccine website mentioned above.

"All applicants must register and note down the CoWin reference ID obtained from CoWIN official portal. The certificate given from Government of Kerala is not a replacement of the certificate issued by Government of India . This certificate request can be done for any age group who had taken 2 doses and are not having their passport number given as Identity number while registering in CoWIN portal," says the Kerala website on application for certificate with passport numbers.

A government order on vaccine certificates for those going abroad says, "Applications thus submitted will be verified by the concerned District Medical Officer/ Officer designated by DMO and the application will be approved/rejected. Once approved digital certificate will be issued, and Beneficiary will get an SMS confirmation regarding the same. Certificate can then be downloaded from the portal (https://covid19.kerala.gov.in/vaccine/)."

In the login page one can check their request status by entering any two of the following: registered mobile numbers, registered year of birth and CoWIN registration number.