Among the posts that he has put up till date, the Safiya murder case received a lot of attention

How a Kerala public prosecutor is using FB to bridge the gap between courts and publicFacebook/ Public Prosecutor Kasaragod
news Facebook Monday, May 23, 2016 - 20:11

In an attempt to bridge the gap between the judiciary and the public, Kasaragod public prosecutor C Sukkur has been putting out details of court hearings and verdicts of various cases on his Facebook page.

Till date, he has posted details of around 60 cases through his page and it has caught the eye of social media users. 

Listing out the reasons for doing it, Sukkur says that most people are clueless about what happens inside a courtroom, which leads to a growing gap between the judiciary and people. And most of the times, people get to know about these cases through media reports which are often reported inaccurately, he says. So, according to Sukkur, this initiative could help people to be better informed about court-related matters.

Further, he says that his posts might also act as a deterrent to prevent crime. “When people read the posts, they get to know what punishment was awarded to a particular convict in a particular case. So this could act as a deterrent as they will know about the kind of punishment they might get, in case they commit a crime.”

“Also, the maximum number of convicts belong to the age group 18-30 and these are the people who are active users of social media. They will be better informed about the law if they read these posts,” he added.

The media might not report on certain cases but it might be of significance to that particular locality. This is another reason why the prosecutor has been putting up posts related to criminal cases that happen in Kasaragod.

Among the posts that he has put up till date, the Safiya murder case received a lot of attention as he posted the day-to-day details of the hearing. At the end of the hearing, the prime convict was awarded capital punishment.

Hoping to spread awareness and bring about change in the society, Sukkur says that he will continue this initiative in the days to come.