Performance of 'Mruthyunjaya Homam’ by doctors at Gandhi Hospital has sparked outrage from rational organisations.

Hospital or a hub of exorcism asks CPI Homam in Hyderabad hospital sparks outrageScreen grab from ETV
news News Tuesday, July 25, 2017 - 18:16

A week after the Madhya Pradesh government announced plans to start astrology OPD (out-patient department) in which astrologers and such soothsayers will provide consultation to visitors facing diverse problems, doctors in Gandhi Hospital in Telangana state capital, Hyderabad,  conducted a Vedic ritual in an attempt to lower death rates in the hospital. 

The performance of 'Mruthyunjaya Homam', a Vedic ritual performed to avoid untimely death, by doctors at Gandhi Hospital has sparked outrage from rational organisations, on Monday, according to reports.

Dr Anupama, Head of Gynaecology Department, was reportedly suggested by a person that conducting this ritual will help put an end to rising infant-mother deaths in the ward which are bringing a bad name to the hospital. Wanting to change the situation in the hospital,  Dr Anupama, organised the 'homam' (ritual) in the ward that went on for four hours, according to ETV.

The 'homam' was conducted by four priests, in which several professors and students were also seen participating. While the ritual was conducted to control the death toll in the hospital, the four-hour ritual kept many on-duty doctors and medicos engaged, resulting in inconvenience to patients in the wards 10TV reported.

While doctors are justifying their move saying the ritual was conducted in public interest, rational organisations such as Jana Vignanana Vedika and several political leaders are accusing the doctors of going back to medieval times. 

Speaking to TNM Sraveshwar Rao, Telangana State Convenor of Jana Vignana Vedika called the ritual illogical.

He said, "They (doctors) have the responsibility to promote scientific temperament instead they chosen to promote blind faith."

He said that the problem is that the government is not releasing adequate funds and it is disproportionate staff in such hospitals that are causing irregularities resulting deaths. 

This has also attracted criticism from political circles.

CPI senior leader K Narayana said that such incidents will only mar the medical profession.

"I don't understand if it is a hospital or a hub of exorcism," Narayana said. 

He demanded the suspension of the doctors who had arranged for the performance of the 'homam' according to local media.