This is reportedly the 50th such clip that has emerged on the WhatsApp group ‘Light of Kerala’.

Horrifying audio clip surfaces of Kerala ISIS recruiter urging war on Hindus democracy
news Terrorism Wednesday, November 15, 2017 - 13:56

Recruitment of Keralites to the Islamic State has become a matter of grave concern for the state in the last couple of years. A WhatsApp audio clip that emerged on Tuesday carries inflammatory messages urging to attack Hindu congregations.

The voice in the audio clip, posted on a WhatsApp group called ‘Light of Kerala’, is suspected to be that of Abdul Rashid, an engineering graduate. Abdul Rashid is believed to be the man behind the exodus of 21 Keralites to Afghanistan .This is reportedly the 50th such clip that has emerged on the WhatsApp group ‘Light of Kerala’.

The audio clip that lasts more than 2 minutes in length, calls for the annihilation of all religions except Islam. It also urges the targeted audience to use their intelligence to wipe of Democracy, Hinduism and Christianity. It is not clear when the clip was posted in the group, but sources say it was after the month of June.

“Keep waging war against the kafirs till it becomes dar-ul-Islam. You have kafir Hindus who pray to cows, snakes and even phallus. Shiva lingam is nothing but the private part of Shiva. Women and children worship it. Why do you let them live in peace? Allah says, finish them, kill them, and annihilate them. Democracy, Hinduism, Christianity has to be wiped off, only Allahs writ should run large. Till they are annihilated you should keep fighting. You are intelligent people, many of you have done higher education. You should know how to implement it. Use your intelligence to kill Kaafirs, kill them, poison their food, and poison all their water,” the voice says in Malayalam.

The audio clip also hailed the 2017 Las Vegas shooting, calling rock concert avenues ‘the palace of Satan’. It also urges the targeted audience to derail trains and use knifes in the name of Islam.

 “You could use trucks. Ram vehicles right into them. It happens in other parts of the world also…IS Mujahideen keeps doing it. And if you have access to weapons, Kalashnikovs or even a pistol, look what that guy at Las vegas did, one of our supporters went to a rock concert, the palace of Satan, he finished them off… Hail him….You could also do that…or you could derail a train, let the Kaafirs die. You can even use a knife to cause as much damage.”

The audio clip also said that since India is ruled by Hindus, Jihad should be waged against the country.

“There are organizations which claim to represent Muslims. They are fake ones, once in a while they issue anti Hindu statement or maximum they manage to convert one Hindu into Islam. One must understand that we can never have our way in India, because India is ruled by Hindus. That is why you should wage Jihadi to help ourselves.”

In an earlier case investigated by National Investigation Agency, it was revealed that Abdul Rashid created at least two WhatsApp groups, in which he added about 200 people in Kerala, and began transmitting messages, urging them to join the Syria-based terror group.

Rashid, a 30-year-old engineer left a private sector job to teach in Kerala's Kasaragod before leaving the country in 2016. Of the 21 Keralities who have reportedly fled the country to join ISIS militant groups, at least four have lost their lives so far. Rashid is believed to be hiding in Afghanistan. 

Rashid is believed to have been the sharp evangelist, who lured people from other religions into Islam, and radicalized other Muslims. His wife Ayesha, was a Christian before marriage, and completed her Engineering degree from Ernakulam and MBA from Bangalore.


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