History sheeter pours acid and kills eldery woman in TN, stoned to death by villagers

Samuvel also threw acid on four police officials and some villagers when he was attacking 75-year-old Dhanammal.
History sheeter pours acid and kills eldery woman in TN, stoned to death by villagers
History sheeter pours acid and kills eldery woman in TN, stoned to death by villagers

A 40-year-old history-sheeter from Namakkal district of Tamil Nadu was stoned to death by the villagers after he murdered an elderly woman and attacked the police who were attempting to stop him. The woman, identified as 75-year-old Dhanammal, was reportedly protecting her 19-year-old granddaughter from the assailant Samuvel, who allegedly wanted to marry her

Dhanammal was taking care of her granddaughter after her son died in a road accident. While her two elder granddaughters are married, the 19-year-old granddaughter is studying at a government college and works part-time in a medical shop. The girl’s mother, Vijayalakshmi, was in a live-in relationship with Samvuel. He allegedly demanded that the grandmother send the girl with him to live in their house.

According to the police, five years ago, the young girl came back to live with her grandmother after Samuvel attempted to sexually abuse. However, as she continued to live with her grandmother, it led to repeated quarrels between Dhanammal and Samuvel. Vijayalakshmi even went to the police three months ago, requesting the officials to let her daughter be sent to live with her.

"However upon inquiry, we found that it was safer for the young woman to live with her grandmother. We informed the mother that the girl was 19 and she could choose where and with whom she wanted to live. We further took in writing that she (Vijayalakshmi) will not trouble her daughter,” Namakkal Superintendent of Police Ara Arularasu told TNM

On Friday, Samuvel went to the elderly woman's residence with acid and weapons. When Dhanammal refused to allow him to take the young girl, he slit her throat and poured acid on her, killing her on the spot. The granddaughter however was not present in the house when he arrived. 

When the villagers realised what was happening, they informed the police and tried to rescue Dhanammal. The police, who reached the spot within five to 10 minutes, managed to forcefully enter the house. “Samuvel then threw acid at two policemen who entered the house," the SP said.

“The Inspector attempted to shoot Samuvel but due to a misfire, the bullet got stuck in the barrel. Samuvel then threw acid on the inspector too. When he ran out of the house, Samuvel threw acid on the public, too. About 14 people, including four policemen, were injured,” he said.

Villagers, who were watching this, were angered by his actions and began throwing stones at Samuvel. According to the police, he was injured in the process and died after he was taken to the local government hospital. 

Samuvel is a repeat offender who has served multiple prison sentences. A case of murder has been filed against Samuvel and a case has also been registered in connection to the stone-pelting incident.

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