news Thursday, June 11, 2015 - 05:30
The Hindu newspaper has officially withdrawn the article "From welfare to paternalism" by Congress Member of Parliament Veerappa Moily published in the newspaper on June 11, 2015 from the online edition as it is investigating charges of plagiarism against him. The article, a cache version of which is available here, talks about the cutting down of social spending by the Indian government. Under the sub-heading “Welfare to paternalism”, several paragraphs have been directly lifted from another op-ed article written by G Sampath published on May 26, ironically, in The Hindu itself. This is not the only instance, other sentences too seems to have been lifted.   The Hindu website says:  What Moily wrote What Sampath wrote What Moily wrote What Sampath wrote Also Read: The Hindu calls Moily's article unacceptable plagiarism, Moily claims took 'inputs'
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