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The News Minute | November 5, 2014 | 02:56 pm IST Kerala's been grabbing quite the headlines in the country, as well as outside it- this time for a unique campaign called the Kiss of Love (KoL) which is a protest against moral policing in the state. On November 2, the Kiss of Love event was held in Marine Drive in Kochi amidst heightened expectations,especially from Malayalis. The campaigners gathered to protest by kissing their partners, and there were those protesting against the campaigners. In the meanwhile the police came up with a novel way to bring down the protests a notch. They took several KoL protestors into 'preventive custody' when they could have simply applied the same measures on the counter-protestors. Among other things, these are the musings of an eye witness of the entire event. Read: Pictures that define the 'Kiss of Love' Vinay Menon, a stand-up comedian recently uploaded a video on YouTube where he narrates the entire KoL episode, right from how it began to how it culminated into an entire campaign, calling the protest a 'metaphor of Kerala'. A hilarious take on the event, Menon in the end states 'Hopefully the Kiss of Love will be a first step towards the society that is open enough to accept PDA (Public Display of Affection)". Against kissing or not, watch this video simply for a good laugh.
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