'Hey Jude' director defends Nivin Pauly

A magazine had alleged that Nivin Pauly was throwing 'tantrums'.
'Hey Jude' director defends Nivin Pauly
'Hey Jude' director defends Nivin Pauly
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When a reporter from a magazine lashed out at Nivin Pauly for not allowing the reporters to take photographs on the sets of his upcoming movie Hey Jude, director Shyamaprasad took to Facebook to defend his lead star.

The incident happened on the sets of Hey Jude in which a reporter wanted to click a few photos of Nivin Pauly but the star objected to it as the team had already distributed some photos that could be used by the press.

Criticizing the actor for his behaviour, the magazine published an article that said it took pity on noted directors such as Shyamaprasad for giving in to the 'tantrums' of young stars like Nivin Pauly. Reacting to this, Shyamaprasad wrote on his Facebook page:

“I am not interested in online media’s film controversies and scoops. But I decided to respond when the media started to make allegations targeting an actor. Exclusive photographs of the actors from a film set should be taken with the permission of the actor. I don’t like such exclusive photo shoots as it gives another impression on the character among the public. I think Nivin did not permit the reporter to take photographs in order to give priority to this fact.”

Starring Nivin Pauly in the lead role, Hey Jude has Trisha making her debut in the Malayalam film industry. The film also has Siddique, Pratap K. Pothen, Urvashi, Neena Kurup and Aju Varghese in the star cast. Speaking about his characters in the film, Shyamaprasad had said earlier, “Nivin plays Jude, who is a peculiar character and is at odds with the world around him. Trisha's character Crystal, lives in Goa, and like Jude, is a bit of an oddball herself. The movie is about the interesting situations that happen because of their relationship, and how love and understanding transforms Jude's life.”

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