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The News Minute | September 19, 2014 | 02:55 pm IST  Actor and comedian Vir Das seems to have earned himself some not-so-well wishers. Das, on Prime Minister Narendra Modi's birthday on September 17, took to Facebook and wrote: 'It's Narendra Modi's Birthday? Well hey! At least someone's having an Accha Din'. As expected, many seemed to be offended with his point of view, and made their thoughts evident in the comments.  He is still working. On his b'day for the welfare of the country. Unlike u, sitting jobless and making silly comments Not expected dis kinda post frm u vir ... He is unlike other politicians n u knw it ... Whr hd ur humour gone? Dnt behave lyk a stupid author who gives negative comments for almost everybody Das' fans also upped the ante and gave an earful to those lacking the funny bone.  Das, who is likely to have had a fun time witnessing a battle of sorts on his Facebook wall, finally put out another post in an attempt to lay the online brawl to rest. On the same day, he wrote,  Dear Bhakts, To everyone spewing abuse on my timeline for a Modi joke, you forget something very important. Now he's my PM too. Citizen's right to parody his leaders has existed for centuries. Abuse all you like, ain't gonna stop. You took for for Manmohan, now take it for NaMo. Welcome to democracy Now go fly a kite. Now, the guy has a point here, and that too a fair one. Narendra Modi is no more a face of just one political party. As the Prime Minister of the country, he plays a greater role. He represents the country-you, me, your neighbour and his cat. You can love him, hate him, Vir Das him, but you do not get to tell someone which option to choose.  Because... that's just going to make them lazy. And we all know that the PM is anti-laziness.  As for those who really do not care and just go ahead with their rants for the troll value, Das is unlikely to mind. For that is what he partially does for a living.  One of the comments on Das' post reads: Haters will hate, Potatoes will potate. Does not make sense? The whole fight did neither. 
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