There is nothing against beef in our religion.

Heres how Twitter reacted when Adi Godrej said Vedic Indians were beef-eatersPTI/file photo
news Friday, May 13, 2016 - 11:29

A remark by the renowned industrialist Adi Godrej on the contentious issues of beef ban and liquor prohibition evoked a mixed response from the Twitterati. Even a hashtag was made calling for ban on Godrej products.

The chairman of Godrej Group on Thursday in an interview with Indian Express spoke about the contentious issues of beef ban and liquor prohibition in some of the states in the country and how it affects the economy.

The industry tycoon said, “There is nothing against beef in our religion. It is a practice that evolved over years of drought, and the elders said don’t slaughter cows, preserve them for milk for children. That has turned into a religious belief. This is ridiculous. Vedic Indians were beef-eaters.”

Following these remarks, Twitter users showered him with both bouquets and brickbats. Here are some reactions:


While the pro-beef ban tweeps were very straightforward, the some of the  ones supporting Godrej’s statements did it behind a veil of humour.  

Since the Narendra Modi government came to power in May 2014, several states in the country had imposed beef ban like Haryana and Maharashtra.

Following the path of Gujarat, Nagaland, Manipur and Lakshwadeep, Bihar also adopted a complete ban on alcohol after Nitish Kumar became the CM for the fifth time. States like Kerala has also imposed a phase prohibition and plans to phase out alcohol completely in the next ten years. The situation is likely to be the same in Tamil Nadu with all the major political parties  promising total prohibition if they are elected to power.  

“There are certain things. Like, prohibition. In order to win elections and get women’s votes, some states are doing that. Bihar has brought prohibition. Kerala has brought prohibition. Prohibition is bad for the economy. It’s bad for social structure, for drinking doesn’t reduce. It gives rise to bad liquor, and then mafia. All over the world it has been unsuccessful. In America, it has been unsuccessful. In India, we tried prohibition, but we were unsuccessful.”

“All these negative directions for political gains can affect the economy. These (beef ban and prohibition) are the two main issues I see,” Godrej said. Asked if this distracts the government from the development agenda, he said, “These are bound to happen. We are a democracy. They have to win elections; they have to portray themselves in a certain way,” he added.




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