A list of stories which should have got more traction.

Here is a list of stories media overlooked while chasing Indrani Mukherjea
Voices Tuesday, September 01, 2015 - 19:35

Amidst the media blitzkrieg over the sensational Sheena Bora murder case, there have been other casualties - stories which matter and should have been reported on more by the mainstream media.

It would be an understatement to say that the mainstream media, TV and print, have gone on an Indrani-overdrive. We have been told things about her life we have no business knowing. Not that readers are any less guilty - the readership for the story shot through the skies. Voyeurism sells, cheap voyeurism sells even more. At The News Minute, we have been fighting the temptation to put out more sordid details about the Indrani saga (and sometimes failed).

So here at The News Minute, we have put together a list of stories which should have got more traction.

Gujarat police's backlash after Patel rally

While Hardik Patel is indeed a household name now, the larger socio-political fall out of the Patel rally, and the brutal police atrocities which followed the rally have been lost on the people. Thanks to social media, CCTV footage of Gujarat police running riot on the streets went viral and people witnessed. But the story would have been discussed and debated far more if not for the Bora murder.

OROP protests

OROP has been covered quite extensively by the media, but the intensity of the recent events has not been conveyed. There has been continuous to and fro between the two sides, government and protesters. Arun Jaitley has issued strong statements. Several veterans have fallen ill due to the fasting and have been taken to the hospital. Moreover, if the government gives in to the demands of the veterans, it is going to blow a huge hole in our finances. Do we understand what is really happening?

Kalburgi murder

Even factoring in the mainstream media's bias against events of the states down south, the coverage of the murder of rationalist MM Kalburgi's murder was dismal. A well-known critic of the Hindu right-wing, Kalburgi was shot-dead by unknown assailants in his own house. No one has been arrested for the murder. "Search is still on." Where is the outrage?

Law commission calls for abolition of death penalty

We got one step closer to the absolute abolition of death penalty, and we barely even noticed it. True, Law Commission is not the final world. But for a country like India to behave like a mature democracy and have its institutions seriously consider the abolition of death penalty is a big deal. This was the moment for debate, to create awareness and dispel notions like death penalty can control crime - or even terrorism. But we lost the opportunity. Perhaps we will now have to wait for the next prisoner to be executed.

Successful launch of a GSLV by ISRO

GSLV has been ISRO's Achilles heel, a black mark on the otherwise stellar record of space organization. On August 27, scientists at ISRO carried out a textbook-launch of GSLV-D6. It was dumped to the tickers on TV screens, even the usual practice of TV channels cutting live to the launch was not carried out. It was a moment for India to bask in glory - a true 'Make in India' moment. Alas, we were more interested in whether Sheena's body was in the backseat or boot of Indrani's car when it was being taken to Raigad.

Manipur violence

This is something we missed from the earlier version of the list. Thanks to our readers for pointing it out.

Violence has escalated in Manipur due to three proposed controversial legislative bills which are seen as being inimical to tribal interests. Three have been killed in police firing, five others were reportedly killed earlier during a general strike. Curfew was imposed on Monday night. The Union Home Ministry says the situation is 'tense'. 'Tyranny of distance' can be a good excuse, but it is an excuse nonetheless. If we can chase and find Siddharth Das, one of Indrani's previous partners, we can find time to live-report from the North-East.


Update: Details of Manipur violence have been added after reader feedback.