Ruthran's parents, Saranya and Kathiravan, have already lost their twins due to a similar illness. If they don't treat Ruthran on time, they will lose him too.

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Monday, August 19, 2019 - 17:43


Just three months after Baby Ruthran was born, he developed a high fever and had severe nausea. For his parents, Saranya and Kathiravan, it was a moment of panic. They had already lost their twin babies after similar symptoms earlier, and one more tragedy would plunge their lives into darkness forever. The only option for them was to save the baby this time, at any cost.

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Now 8 months old, Ruthran is suffering from severe combined immunodeficiency, a rare disease where the body’s immune system is extremely weak. Because of this, the body’s capacity to fight infections reduces and can result in life-threatening diseases.

Four years ago, Saranya gave birth to twin sons. After suffering from severe fever for over a week, they breathed their last in her arms. She is scared that Ruthran might suffer the same fate. “I dread that if I sleep even for a minute, I will lose Ruthran. So, I toss and turn the entire night, and keep a check on my baby boy to see if he is breathing,” she says.

Immediately after the first symptoms, Ruthran was was admitted to a hospital in Chennai. Throughout that week, he underwent numerous tests while his parents frantically waited for the doctors to say something. Finally, they were told that their baby is suffering from mycobacterium tuberculosis infection, a rare tuberculosis. Since then, his poor parents are struggling to save him.

It has been five harrowing months for baby Ruthran and his parents. He has been given anti-tuberculosis drugs every month along with monthly IVIG. Despite that, his condition is worsening. He has turned weak and is constantly sick. “My baby just keeps crying. He is too little to express what he is feeling, but his loud cries tell us how much pain he is enduring,” Saranya cries.

Ruthran’s father is a daily-wage earner and is unable to arrange funds. The doctors have told them that the only cure to their baby’s disease is an allogeneic stem cell transplant. Their world fell apart when they were informed that it will cost Rs 25 lakh.

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Despite working extremely hard, Kathivaran earns only Rs 3,000 a month. In the past few months, he has spent what little savings he had, and borrowed money from his peers for his baby’s treatment. The couple has already lost two kids. If baby Ruthran doesn’t get the surgery urgently, they’ll lose him as well. Your contributions can end the little one’s suffering. Consider donating today.

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